2021 healthy eating and weight loss tips!

Even if there are two people in the house during the days we spend at home and curfews due to the pandemic, people still want to set up elaborate tables and have a fun time. Dyt. About what we should eat after the weight gained in this process and continuous unhealthy nutrition. Sefa Aydın made great suggestions.

On special days like New Year’s, everyone can consume more food than their body needs. Noting that the important thing in this situation is to know how to behave the next day, dietitian Sefa Aydın made suggestions. I return to the questions of what should we pay attention to for these tables where we sit alone every year, as a dietitian, you can eat and drink whatever you want. In fact, you can get through the New Year with the least damage by lightening meals after minor changes.

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* Start calorie reduction work in the morning: start with as light breakfast as possible in the morning, since you’ll miss the mark at dinner anyway: oats + milk or skim toast on whole wheat bread may be a good idea.

* Do not skip meals during the day, consume snacks and lunches, but be careful that they are light: vegetable dishes or salads with olive oil are ideal for lunch.

* Do not skip your snack while preparing for dinner, so when you sit down at the table in the evening, you will avoid eating as if attacking.

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* Let’s come to dinner: eat as much protein as possible, continue the night by adding complex carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables. Don’t forget to drink water in between. If you are someone who has a balanced diet on other days, the spoiled things you do on New Year’s Eve will not return you as weight gain.


*You can wake up as early as possible and start the day with a large glass of lemon water.

*You can choose a low-fat dairy product and pineapple for breakfast in order to reduce the indigestion caused by the previous night. End the breakfast by adding 2 or 3 walnuts to this menu.

* The thought that I ate too much yesterday is a wrong idea, that I will not eat anything today. If you skip meals, you will eat more the next day. Continue your day by keeping meals as simple and light as possible.

* Grilled vegetables, steamed food can be lifesaving.

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* Drink plenty of water, enrich your water with ginger, parsley, apple, lemon, clove and cucumber.

* You can only combine dinner with soup and salad.

* Get support from herbal teas: you can choose fennel, mint, green tea, anise teas.

* Avoid salt in general.

* Take a break from junk food for today.

* Blend your favorite green vegetables with 1 crime-loader or squeeze the juice and drink.

* In order to restore the intestinal flora a little, turn to probiotic-rich dairy products: such as yogurt and kefir..

* Limit the consumption of tea and coffee.

* Do not sleep all day, move as much as possible.

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