A statement from Hakan Ural that surprised millions: I’m losing weight by praying!

‘What’s Happening in Life?’ Commentator and presenter Hakan Ural, who is frequently on the agenda with his statements in the program, made a very controversial statement again. Ural explained how he weakened on live broadcast. Hakan Ural said that he was weakened by praying.

Hakan Ural, the presenter of What’s Happening Alive, broadcast on Kanal D screens, explained how he lost weight in a live broadcast. Ural, who did not fall off the agenda with the statements he made on the live broadcast, surprised the audience with the method he used to lose weight. The famous server said that she lost weight by praying.

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Ural: ‘We are all dietitians now. You have access to all kinds of information in life. Shall I tell you the most precious thing? When did I succeed myself? I can always give. I pray. You are the one who takes the weight and you are the one who gives it. The real secret is you. That will comes into play… By Allah, I am praying. Oh my God, so you can help me…’He explained how he lost weight.

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