Actress Pelin Karahan turned to needle and thread! Famous actress gave the secret of how she lost weight

The famous actress fell like a bomb on the agenda of the magazine with the weight she lost in recent days. Karahan, whose latest version has been talked about a lot on social media, shared the moments when he was boxing.

The beautiful actress Pelin Karahan, who is the mother of two children, has been away from the screens for a while. Karahan, who does not neglect to do sports in the meantime, draws attention with the weight he lost. Karahan, who has reached the desired weight with diet and sports, continues to share his training videos on his social media account.

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pelin oztekin diet


This time, Karahan made a name for himself by publishing the images of his boxing moments on his Instagram account. Karahan boxing moments; “Continue without saying snow and winter”downgrade.

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Karahan was showered with compliments in the post, which attracted great interest from many social media users.

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