All kinds of slimming rice diet: Weight loss techniques with rice porridge and rice milk

Contrary to popular belief, you can keep your form with rice milk and rice porridge recipe that helps to lose weight. Here is our rice diet news, which you can consume with milk or with the permission of your doctor by turning it into porridge.

Rice milk, which is easy to digest and has a very high nutritional value, allows you to be energetic by standing up even the tired body when consumed at the beginning of the day. Rice milk, which is much more useful than ordinary milk that we are used to consuming in normal life, leaves its place to the top among the ones that can be consumed frequently due to its low calories. Rice milk, which has almost no fat, contains 1.5 grams of fat. Consuming a glass of rice milk, which does not contain saturated fat, every day will be suitable for both health and diet.

  • – It is known that white rice, whose shell has been removed, is good for diarrhea problem, since the fiber rate is considerably reduced.
  • – It has a great effect on athletes starting the day energetically and meeting their carbohydrate needs.
  • – It is good against heart and diseases in terms of strong antioxidant source.
  • – It is an ideal food for those who are faced with high blood pressure or hypertension.


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According to a study published in the journal Rice milk, vitamin D facilitates weight loss. Rice milk, on the other hand, is useful in terms of calcium and vitamin D, which reduce the fat in it. You can provide dietary support with rice milk, which is easily digested and causes fat burning.


Apart from swallowing rice, it is also possible to lose about 3 kilos in 1 week with the rice porridge diet technique you can apply. Another name for the rice porridge diet, which is not known in the society but is effective in losing weight, is the ‘Carbohydrate diet’. You can get rid of your excess weight in a short time with the rice porridge diet, which is not very pleasant in taste, but is worth trying with its practical construction and weight loss effect.

Consuming fiber in porridge form with fat-burning enzymes will make it easier for you to have a slim body.


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Rice porridge recipe: Wash 1 kilo of rice thoroughly and clean it from its stones. Then boil it in boiling water for an average of 20 minutes. You can add spices such as black pepper, cumin, mint for a little sweetening. While using this carbohydrate-heavy diet, giving a lot of protein will make you gain weight, so salads and vegetables with plenty of greens are recommended. You can speed up your metabolism by eating fruits or nuts in between meals.

In the rice porridge diet, which you will consume for 3 meals, you should consume 2 liters of water per day and practice half an hour of exercise movements.

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