Ata Demirer almost turned into a needle and thread! The latest version of Ata Demirer, who lost 50 kilos, shocked

Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who we know with his extra pounds, became an event on social media with his weight loss. Ata Demirer, who allegedly lost 50 kilos, almost melted.

Ata Demirer, 49, is currently working on his new movie ‘Bursa Nightingale’. Famous comedian Ata Demirer became the center of attention on social media with the weight he lost. Demirer, who was 140 kilos for a period, said goodbye to his old appearance by losing 50 kilos.

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Ata Demirer lost 50 kilos

Famous comedian Ata Demirer had been in seclusion for a long time to work on new films. Demirer followed a strict diet while working. While the latest version of Ata Demirer surprised his fans, the famous name was commented on.

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