Boiled Egg Diet! Does the egg keep you full? The ‘Egg’ diet that makes you lose 12 kilos a week

Egg, which is a very strong food source in terms of muscle and bone development, is one of the indispensable foods that should be consumed for health. Eggs, which do not end with counting the benefits for the body, also make it easier to lose weight. What is the egg diet, the benefits of eggs! Does eating eggs in the morning keep you full? The method of losing weight by eating eggs with healthy methods…

There is no one who does not know the benefits of eggs, which are among the low-carb foods. This excellent food, which can be preferred by people who want to get rid of their excess weight urgently, on their diet lists or diet directly with eggs, will help you lose weight by eating healthy, apart from losing weight by starving. Egg diets, which we have been hearing more and more about lately, should be applied with the approval of a doctor against the risk of allergy. The boiled egg diet, which keeps you full and keeps you in a fit body, is one of the diets recommended by Ender Saraç, one of the experts who is known and reliable among the public.

  • Apricots are the most suitable for health in eggs that you can cook soft and solid. apricot.What you will consume during the day 1 egg is the ideal amount.



If you want to take advantage of the satiating feature of the egg and lose weight with eggs in the diet, it is important to know in what ways and how you should consume it. Since it does not contain any additives in the egg that you boil and cook for breakfast in the morning, it can be consumed in the diet. Thus, the nutritional value of the boiled egg, which is recommended not to be cooked excessively, will remain.

If you want to consume the egg in a pan instead of a boiled one, scrambled eggs that you will cook with butter is not recommended in the diet. The extra amount of fat you will get will not make it easier to lose weight, on the contrary, it will make it more difficult. Sausage eggs, which almost everyone takes great pleasure in eating, has no place in the diet. Therefore, anyone who is on a diet should not eat eggs with sausage.


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For those who are confused about whether the yellow part or the white part should be preferred for egg consumption, we can examine the effects of egg yolk and white on the body as follows:

Weight loss benefits of egg white:

  • The white part, which has much lower calorie and 0 fat compared to the wrapped area, is more beneficial for health.
  • Egg white can be preferred in the diet due to its low calorie and satiety.
  • Its calorie value is about 15.

Benefits of egg yolk:

  • It contains much more protein than white.
  • Rich in iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium
  • It has a small amount of saturated fat.
  • Its calorie value is about 60.
  • Nutritional value of 1 egg:
  • 50 gr. 1 egg, 0.56 g. contains carbohydrates.
  • 50 gr. 1 egg, 6.3 gr. Contains protein.
  • 50 gr. 1 egg, 5, 3 gr. contains oil.

Dietitians state that consuming 1 egg a day will not cause weight gain, since it has a high nutritional value. Although 1 egg is low in calories, it has an effect on the body when consumed too much. Those who are afraid of gaining weight can only consume the white part of the egg.


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People who do sports eat only the white part of the egg, which is one of the muscle building and protein source foods. However, Canan Karatay stated that it is wrong to remove the yolk from the egg and eat the rest since fat and protein should be taken in equal amounts.

“If yellow is put into the egg, it is beneficial for you. When the protein is eaten with fat, it is beneficial for the body. After that, they go and get injured. Because if there is no fat, the cells do not work. The egg is made according to it. Let nature save you. Without protein and fat, there is no use for the body. I’m shouting bar by bar to eat olive oil, village butter, fish oil. You’re tired because you don’t eat oil.”made a statement.


In order to meet the daily protein values, the yellow part is removed from the egg, which is frequently consumed by athletes. While there is 40% protein in the yellow part, it is 60% in the white part. Athletes who can eat 4 eggs remove the yellow part, as the number will increase to 12-14 when they leave the yellow part. Thus, the place where the protein is high is consumed more frequently. However, experts recommend consuming the whole egg for health reasons.


BREAKFAST:Low-fat milk, 2 boiled eggs, 2 oranges.

LUNCH:Boiled skinless chicken, a small bowl of yogurt.

EVENING:1 orange and 2 boiled eggs and chicken.


BREAKFAST:2 boiled eggs, juice of 1 lemon.

LUNCH:1 grapefruit, grilled fish.

DINNER:3 boiled eggs.


BREAKFAST:2 boiled eggs, 1 glass of lemon juice.

LUNCH:1 grapefruit, boiled red meat.

DINNER:3 eggs.


BREAKFAST:3 eggs prepared with onions, dill and parsley.

LUNCH:Boiled chicken.

DINNER:2 oranges, 1 boiled egg.

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BREAKFAST:2 boiled eggs, 2 carrots.

LUNCH:Freshly squeezed orange juice, 2 carrots.

DINNER:1 boiled egg, steamed fish.


BREAKFAST:Yogurt, orange or lemon juice.

LUNCH:2 grapefruits and 2 boiled eggs.

DINNER :1 glass of water.


BREAKFAST:Grapefruit juice and 2 eggs.

LUNCH:1 orange boiled red meat.

DINNER:1 glass of water

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