Can melon make you gain weight, how many calories can melon? Weight loss method with melon diet! 5 kilos in 5 days…

You can lose weight in a short time with the melon diet, which you can apply very easily. If you want to have a fit appearance during the summer vacation, you can find the list of idyet in the details of the news, where you can lose 5 kilograms in 5 days. Here are the benefits of weight loss melon and the list of melon diet …

Melon, which is one of the refreshing fruits that is loved as much as watermelon in summer, is a very beneficial fruit in terms of health. Melon, which is popularly described as a fruit, but is actually a edible fruit, is very rich in vitamins A, B, B1, C, potassium, iodine and bromine. Almost all of the melon, which contains plenty of water, is good for insomnia, stress, anemia, atherosclerosis and rheumatism , as well as helping women who want to lose weight. As it strengthens the weak immune system, melon occupies a large space in the stomach, which keeps its organisms clean. In this case, which helps to prevent the person’s desire to eat more, the calorie value is quite low. Melon, which contains more sugar than watermelon, will not gain weight if 100 grams are consumed as if it will be every 2 days. But if the measure goes to extremes, it triggers weight gain. A small portion of melon can be eaten instead of sherbet or high-calorie desserts in order to prevent sweet crises in the diet applied to lose weight. We have compiled for you how you can lose weight by eating melon, one of the most delicious tastes of summer.

HOW MANY CALORIES IN A METAL? Slimming Method with Melon

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100 grams of melon has a total value of 26 kcal. 150 grams of melon has a value of 39 kcal. 150 grams of melon can be consumed in melon diets or as a snack. People who are undecided about whether it is suitable for diet due to its sugary structure should know that; It is not harmful when consumed with care. It even speeds up metabolism, helping to lose weight. Metabolism that does not work quickly will bring digestive problems and make it difficult to burn calories.

If insoluble foods turn into excess weight in the body, a fat appearance will be inevitable. There are some points that you should pay attention to when consuming melon, which is known for its metabolism-accelerating feature, in the diet. So how to lose weight with melon?


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1 cup of unsweetened tea with as much melon as you want for breakfast


1 bowl of low-fat or light yogurt


100 grams lean cooked chicken schnitzel

Fresh melon as you want

1 cup of unsweetened tea


melon as much as you want


100 grams of grilled chicken or grilled fish

Any amount of melon you want


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In the melon diet to be preferred, ripe melons should be chosen to keep the stomach full and provide energy. However, it is recommended to consume less ripe melons in 2 of 3 meals so that the sugar in it does not make it difficult to lose weight.

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