Can you drink fruit juice on a diet? Does fruit juice make you gain weight? Freshly squeezed…

It is among the topics that are wondered whether fruit juices consumed at breakfast or in the evening with meals cause weight gain. So, is it okay to drink fruit juice on a diet?

Fruits, which are indispensable for a healthy diet if in moderation, are low in calories but strong in terms of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition to fruit consumption, we have compiled for you the effects of fruit juices on the diet, which you think can accompany diet breakfasts. Whether it is completely natural, home-made, the healthiest recipes, or squeezed from the fruit collected in the season, if every fruit juice is drunk regularly and in high amounts, weight gain can be noticed in the body in a short time. For this reason, the amount of consumption is more important than the preparation of fruit juice.


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The fruit juice, which is thought to make you gain weight due to the sugar it contains, will quickly mix with the blood, thus causing the blood sugar to rise. Blood sugar, which goes up and down rapidly, goes down after insulin release. When fruit juice is drunk, the sugar taken into the body is stored directly in the form of fat. Continuing this constantly causes fatty liver.


The important point in fruit juice consumption is the amount of fruit juice. For example, if it is desired to drink apple juice in 1 glass, it is important that you do not go beyond 1 apple if 1 apple is to be used for this. Normally, you cannot eat 1 kilo of apples in one sitting, but it can be easily consumed when the juice of the apple is removed. You get the content of 1 kilo of apples in the body at once.

The amount you consume in fruit juice should consist of as much juice as you eat. If you eat 2 oranges a day, the juice of 2 oranges will be enough.

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