Can you drink tea on a diet? Does sweetened tea slow weight loss?

Black tea, which is one of our best drinks with breakfasts or snacks, is the liquid we consume most after water. So how should someone who wants to lose weight consume black tea? Does sweetened tea spoil the diet?

If you cannot drink tea without sugar in our daily life and if you suffer from weight problems, your dietitian may limit your tea consumption. Because if you drink 5 glasses of tea a day with a single sugar, the calorie value is equal to 100. In addition to the daily calorie intake, taking an extra 100 calories causes excess weight problems. In response to questions about whether black tea causes weight gain in the diet, it is known that no food alone makes or weakens weight. Therefore, as long as you do not exceed the limit, up to 3 glasses of black tea can be consumed during the day. In order to avoid problems related to anemia, it is recommended to drink black tea with clear and lemon juice. In this way, you will not experience iron loss while drinking tea. Black tea, which helps to increase the energy level and melt the fat, not as weight, prevents the feeling of hunger by ending the blood sugar imbalance. Although black tea, which is drunk in certain amounts and intervals every day, does not directly weaken it, it can indirectly stop the desire to eat because it suppresses appetite.


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Sugar is one of the high-calorie foods that are difficult to melt, which people who want to lose weight should definitely stay away from. Regularly consumed sugar will appear as weight in a short time and cause obesity. If the amount of calories you take in your body during the day is more than the amount of calories you burn, weight gain will occur.

The more calories you need to burn, the more sugar you add to the tea.


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Aytül Turan, the winner of the Turkey tea brewing competition, conveyed the tricks of delicious and good tea…

When the water reaches the boiling point, it is ready to use after the first steam has passed. After the water is bubbling, we want to lift the empty teapot on it and lower it by 5 degrees, wait, count to 10 and let the steam run out completely. (20 seconds after the first steam passes) One of the most important points to be considered is that the water is clean and free of limescale. Pour water from high into the small part of the teapot. The reason why water is poured from a height here is to regain the oxygen it lost while boiling. This is the most important trick of a good and tasty tea. After putting the hot water on the stove, pour the black tea in the right proportion. The most important point is to pour the dry tea over the water. If we had poured the water on the tea, it would have boiled and this would adversely affect the taste of the tea while drinking it. Then, let it brew for 20 minutes on the stove in a low way. During this time, if possible, you should not even move the teapot. This is one of the most important tips of has tea.

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When you plug the mouth of the teapot, the tea you will get can be more aromatic. If you don’t want the tea to become bitter, boil the bottom water and not steam at the top. It should stay steady at 98. Steaming means the tea goes stale and gets bitter early. After 45 minutes, you can drink the tea with pleasure.

NOTE: Up to 6 cups of tea can be obtained in the water poured in 4/1 measure. They can put 1 teaspoon of dry tea in 1 tea glass to make the color a little lighter.


In order for the black tea not to go stale and not get damp early, it should be kept in the cupboard with its mouth closed.

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