Chicken Diet List

Use of chicken in the diet list Recommended by many experts. Chicken breast, which is in the first place among lean meats, is preferred by people who want to lose weight by eating healthy. diet listsIt takes its place as the most important part of the dinner. Chicken foodswhich includes slimming diet listsThanks to this, it is possible to lose weight without any feeling of hunger.

The Importance of Adding Chicken to the Diet List

Chicken diet lists There are some benefits described by experts. There are explanations that adding chicken to the diet list accelerates weight loss and protects body health. Chicken meat, which is the most important part of the diets of pregnant and lactating women, as one of the important elements of the food chain, accelerates the slimming process and protects health. Chicken meat, which takes its place among quality proteins; In addition to being low in fat, it also contains various minerals and vitamins.

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Meals of the Chicken Diet List

Meals on the chicken diet listare listed as follows:


  • 2 slices of nonfat cheese
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 100 grams of fat-free and salt-free salad
  • 1 apple or another fruit of the same size


  • 200 grams chicken
  • 300 grams of lean salad
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread
  • 1 fruit


  • 200 grams of chicken (boiled, steamed or grilled)
  • 300 grams of lean and salt-free salad
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread
  • 1 fruit

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