Common misconceptions in diet! What should be considered while dieting?

dit. Sena Karahan listed the wrongs that have been known for years while dieting, as well as to prevent the health problems faced by those who complain about their excess weight and want to lose weight.

Diets that are started suddenly and stopped quickly not only cause the person to gain more weight, but can also be dangerous for health. In addition to the truths that have been known for years, you should definitely start the diet by taking into account the statements made by the experts. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Sena Karahan gave special advice to those who want to lose weight, emphasizing that we should not completely remove bread from our lives while dieting. Here is the Dyt. Sena Karahan’s explanations:

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One of the first mistakes most people who start a diet make is skipping meals. It is not the right approach to skip breakfast or lunch with the thought that if I skip meals, I will take fewer calories and lose weight faster, and try to pass it off with small snacks.

The number and times of meals should be completely personal. What time you start the day, what kind of job you work, your activity during the day and your physiological state are important factors in shaping how many meals you will consume. Although 2-meal or single-meal nutrition models, which are popular especially recently, can be applied, they are not sustainable for most individuals and should be followed by a nutritionist.

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Being hungry for long hours or eating poorly can cause fluctuations and fluctuations in your blood sugar during the day. This situation brings along complaints such as sweet cravings, uncontrollable hunger, weakness, and poor concentration. Do not skip meals to prevent hunger attacks and sweet cravings in the evening.

There is no single truth in nutrition, the important thing is to arrange your diet in accordance with your living conditions and daily routine.

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Another mistake that people who want to lose their extra weight apply is to cut bread and carbohydrate group foods. The perception that bread is harmful because it raises blood sugar is completely wrong. There is already a certain amount of glucose in the blood and we need it in order to perform our vital functions in a healthy way. The important thing here is to avoid sudden and excessive increases in blood sugar. Since white bread is obtained by purifying the wheat and separating it from its bran and grains, it is digested quickly and mixes with the blood. Whole grain wheat, rye and oat breads should be preferred instead of white bread, and daily consumption should be limited.

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Whole grain bread meets some of the daily fiber we need for our digestive system and helps to support the probiotics in our intestinal flora with its prebiotic content.

Your diet should be completely unique to you. If you do not have the habit of consuming bread and do not prefer it, consuming the appropriate carbohydrate source to replace it is important for an adequate and balanced diet.


When the diet is started, it is inevitable that the foods with the light label on the package become attractive. People on a diet may tend to consume these products more comfortably and in large quantities. However, the fact that a food is light does not mean that it is completely calorie-free or healthy.

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While 1 g of fat is 9 kcal, 1 g of carbohydrate is 4 kcal. Therefore, to reduce energy in light foods, first of all, the amount of fat is reduced. These low-fat, low-fat foods have a high glycemic load. Glycemic load is a different definition from the often mentioned glycemic index. While food is important in the glycemic index, how much it is consumed is important in the glycemic load. In other words, the effect of eating 1 packet of light biscuits is not much different from eating 1 baklava.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that frequent and excessive consumption of sweeteners and additives used to achieve flavor in light products can cause health problems.

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