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From soup to main course, from olive oil to pastry, from dessert to sherbet, it offers thousands of different, tried and practical dishes that you can prepare for your guests with care. Delicious that you can prepare in less than half an hour Recipes Donut It comes to your kitchens from Lokma will surprise you with its interactive features. You can save the food you like on the website in your digital recipe book and then easily find and try that recipe. With the shopping list feature, you can prepare a list with the ingredients of the food you will cook before you go to the market, learn the current prices and the average cost of your food. For all and more, make sure to visit Lokma.

Thanks to today’s developing technology, many social media platforms have emerged in the field of food. However, although most platforms seem rich, they may fall short of some features. Lokma, which contains many new features such as ‘What’s in the cupboard?’, ‘Recipe book’, ‘Shopping list’, was recently opened. Lokma, your digital recipe book, which is a first in Turkey with all these features, brings you thousands of tried-and-true recipes with videos and photos. In addition to recipes, a wide variety of salads, soups, cakes and dessert recipesin Lokma.

Innovative yet traditional

Being a product of innovative and modern thinking, Lokma aims not to lose the traditional as well. Thousands of Ottoman cuisine yummy recipes Lokma, which brings you Turkish cuisine, aims to preserve traditional tastes. Famous chef Yunus Emre Akkor has prepared and presented the best tastes of the Ottoman Empire for you.

The shopping list feature comes to the fore in order to save the recipes you discover from the rich contents of Lokma.

Features of Lokma

One of the most distinctive features of Lokma is to easily deliver thousands of dishes to its followers. In addition to all these, there are many innovations in Lokma. Here are those features;

1. Recipe book

You can add the recipe you like or the dish you plan to make on Lokma’s site to the ‘Recipe book’ section so that you can easily find it later.

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Lokma brings you thousands of dishes with its sub-titles on its home page.

2. Shopping list and fee calculations

Another feature of Lokma is that it includes a price list feature consisting of the average prices of the planned meal. In this way, you can choose dishes that fit your budget.

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Lokma aims to bring you the best thanks to its many easy features.

3. Detailed description

Lokma has prepared a detailed explanation of thousands of recipes that you do not know but want to try.

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You can examine the thousands of recipes you like from Lokma, down to the smallest detail.

4. Nutritional values ​​and calorie calculations

Many fine details, from the cooking time of the meal to the calorie calculation, are presented in a separate category on Lokma’s site.

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You can learn the calorie calculations of many dishes you are curious about.

5. What’s in the closet?

Bite, ‘What’s in the closet?’ Thanks to its feature, it aims to offer you the appropriate recipes according to the materials in your cupboard.

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Thanks to what’s in the fridge feature, you can learn many recipes suitable for your ingredients.

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