Diet full-size lentil patties recipe! Do lentil meatballs make you gain weight?

You can both eat healthy and continue your diet with the full-size lentil meatball recipe suitable for the diet. If you don’t know how many calories are in lentil meatballs, which is the crown of the day, the details are in the news! How to make easy and practical full-size Lentil Meatballs? Do lentil meatballs make you gain weight? Calorie and nutritional values ​​of lentil patties:

Lentil meatballs, one of the most delicious flavors where lentils and fine bulgur meet together, are inedible when consumed with lots of greens and lemon. Lentil meatballs, one of the best alternatives that can be served at afternoon tea, at special events and as guests, are both delicious and adaptable to diets. Although it requires a little effort during its preparation, full-sized lentil patties, which will create a feast on the palate when tasted, can make dieters think a little because it contains a high amount of legumes. If you do not want to give up lentil meatballs in the diet, you can change the calorie level with the type of bulgur you will use in the recipe. So, how to make lentil meatballs that are both delicious and easy and suitable for diet? How many calories in practical and easy lentil meatballs, homemade lentil meatball recipe:


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-1 cup of red lentils

-Average 2 teaspoons of water

-1 onion

-1 teaspoon of tomato paste

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-1 handful of parsley

-Salt and spice


First, wash the lentils well. After absorbing the water well, let it rest, chop the onions for edibles and fry them until they turn colour. Mash the lentils with a wooden spoon and mix them with the tomato paste. Chop the washed parsley and mix it with the lentils. Knead with salt and spices and shape the meatballs.

DOES LENTIL MEATBALL LOSE WEIGHT? Calories in Lentil Meatballs

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It is useful not to miss the measure in the calories of 1 slice of bread and 1 teaspoon of oil, which only corresponds to 2 lentil patties. In the consumption of lentil meatballs, you may need to stay away from other foods in some meals. If it is stated that you need to consume 4 meats in the diet list you will apply to lose weight, you can replace meat with 4 lentil patties. Lentil meatballs, which do not contain animal fat, have very little fat. Therefore, it is one of the dishes that can be adapted to the diet list.

As long as it is in moderation, you can consume lentil meatballs while losing weight.


38.1 grams of carbohydrates
9.07 grams of protein
10.23 grams of fat
10.21 grams of fiber
26.15 mg sodium
489.36 mg potassium
60.29 mg calcium
210.99 iu of vitamin A
22.5mg of vitamin C
4.21 grams of iron


1 lentil patty: 39 calories
5 lentil patties: 194 calories
100 grams of lentil patties: 130 calories
1 serving of lentil patties: 291 calories

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