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Yasemin readers asked and dietitian Sena Karahan answered.

Question? Hello Ms. Sena…
What should we consume in a healthy way when we want sweets while dieting?

Reply:  Hello, First of all, it is necessary to examine your diet program, if you are constantly experiencing sweet crisis and hunger attacks, your nutrition program may not be suitable for you. The important thing is portion control and consumption frequency, so there is no such thing as unhealthy or weight-gaining food, remember that even the effect of the poison depends on the dose. I recommend adding three portions of fruit to your diet, you can consider one portion of it as dried fruit. For example, you can create an afternoon snack with three dried apricots or two dates next to a coffee with milk. Yours sincerely

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Question?  Hello Mrs. Sena.. I have a question for you.. One day we ate too much and we left our diet list.

Reply:  Hello, This is a normal situation. It is important that you do not feel guilty at this point. Consciousness can tend to punish itself with guilt, to eat less, so do not think that you are exaggerating and think that I should not have breakfast or skip a meal the next day. This approach causes fluctuations in your blood sugar and you may develop binge eating attacks that follow hunger, which may cause you to gain more weight in the long run. The next day, continue your diet where you left off and don’t skip meals, instead increasing your movement that day will keep your metabolism alive. Try to take short walks during the day. Going out of the diet for a day will not provide you with permanent weight gain, the positive numbers you see on the scale will probably be due to edema. Do not reduce your motivation. Love…

Question?  Hello Miss Sena… I am a breastfeeding mother, what should I pay attention to when losing weight and how should I eat? I will be very happy if you answer my question, have a nice day…

Reply:  Hello, Breastfeeding period is an important process for both mother and baby, it is necessary not to act in a hurry. Remember that as long as you continue to breastfeed, you burn extra calories, so as long as you don’t overdo it, you will gradually lose weight. For the efficiency of milk, take care to have an adequate and balanced diet and drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. Avoid sugary, packaged foods and prefer casserole dishes. Starting a diet after 9 months will be healthier for both you and your baby. love..

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Question?  Hello Ms. Sena, I have been dieting for 1 year, I have lost a total of 15 kilos, but I have not lost any weight in the last two months. My weight has remained stable. What would you recommend for this situation? Good work…

Reply:   Hello, a good result of 15 kg in 1 year, do not forget to congratulate yourself and do not reduce your motivation, however, it is necessary to evaluate your fat and muscle distribution. The higher our muscle mass, the faster our metabolism works, so training for muscle gain will support your weight loss process. If possible, take a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day and include protein-rich foods in your diet. Love…

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Question?  Hello Ms. Sena, I am a breastfeeding mother, I gave birth 3 months ago, I am 90 kilos now, I need to lose weight urgently, how should I eat?

Reply:  Hello, Breastmilk is very important for the first six months for the newborn and the baby’s only source of nutrition is, therefore, it is too early to start a three-month diet, please do not turn to restricted diets. Determine your meals in accordance with your daily routine and make sure to have snacks so that your energy does not decrease and your blood sugar remains in balance. Do not feed below 1800kcal until you are full of 6 months and be careful to consume from each food group. Yours sincerely

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