dit. Sena Karahan answers questions from social media

Dietician Sena Karahan answered the questions of Yasemin.com readers from her social media account about healthy eating and how we can spend the summer months without gaining weight.

Most of us have been on a diet at some point in our lives. He tried the programs we heard about to lose weight quickly, maybe he lost weight, but then he gained more. Most of the time, you can follow the wrong diets with the desire to lose weight fast. Or you may feel like you are not losing weight fast enough despite sticking to the diet. No matter how healthy you eat or how often you exercise, many people make the same diet mistakes. At this point, our expert Dietician Sena Karahan comes to your rescue.

Rukiyeeg:How should breastfeeding mothers be fed?

dit. Response: Breastfeeding mothers should avoid diets below 1800kcal for the first 6 months. Providing nutritional diversity is important for both maternal and infant health. Nutritional diversity is that the meals contain each of the protein, carbohydrate and fat group foods in a balanced way. In order to be practical and more understandable, the 4-leaf clover model or the healthy dinner plate model can be referenced. In the healthy dinner plate model in the image, meals can be prepared by taking the foods and their amounts as an example.

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Ibrahim_annesi_25:Can I lose weight by drinking a lot of water?

dit. Response: The main thing for losing weight is that the energy expended is more than the energy we receive. Drinking a lot of water will not only weaken you, but it can also cause health problems. For an adult, daily consumption of 2-2.5 liters of water will be sufficient.

Cevriye_cetmi:Gestational diabetes came out and it didn’t go away, will it go away if I lose weight?

dit. Response: Gestational diabetes can be a common condition if there is excess weight and a family history of diabetes. Losing weight, diet and exercise are essential lifestyle changes to not be permanent and improve quality of life. If you are overweight, losing weight will help.

QUESTION?  Ms. Sena, hello, I want some advice from you. How can I lose weight?

Reply: Hello, it is not possible to answer this question without getting to know you and making an evaluation. First of all, it is necessary to find the reasons that cause the weight problem and solve it. If you have been overweight for a long time and you have been on a diet and did not get results, you can get support from an internist and dietitian.


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