Do lemon juice and golden berries lose weight? Lose weight with golden berries…

One of the most delicious and beneficial tropical fruits that support weight loss, the golden strawberry and lemon juice method is one of the two that can be consumed in the diet. What are the benefits of golden strawberries? Does lemon juice with golden berries make you lose weight? Does lemon juice with golden berries really make you lose weight? How to make Golden Strawberry Jam? Here is the consumption of golden strawberries in the diet…

The miracle of golden milk and lemon juice, which people with weight problems have tried and experienced or wanted to try after a frequent meth among the public, is very beneficial in terms of both health and diet. Although it is known that lemon juice and vinegar make it easier to lose weight because they are alkaline, golden berries can also offer an incredible effect. The golden strawberry, which we can come across in two different forms as dry and wet, contains vitamins C, A B3, B2, B1 and is a fruit consumed for weight loss due to its rich fiber ratio. As it is not in any food, golden strawberry or lemon juice consumed alone does not show direct weight loss. However, it is a couple that can be recommended in terms of dietary support and healthy nutrition.


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This tropical fruit, which is not heard much, but leaves a pleasant feeling on the palate with its delicious taste. Those who want to use it fresh should peel the skin and consume it. Golden Strawberry, which can also be eaten dry, is consumed in snacks such as cakes, cakes and fruit salads, where its awareness has increased. The golden strawberry, which is a weight loss support, cleans the intestines and makes diuretics when consumed in the form of cure. Golden Strawberry, which can be consumed as a healthy detox mixture, can be used as a capsule or fruit in the diet.

It is one of the most helpful and ideal Tropical fruits for weight loss.

It prevents overeating by giving a feeling of fullness for a long time.

It contributes to the rapid functioning of metabolism.

It helps to strengthen the immune system.

It is a powerful vitamin and mineral store.

It helps to clean dirty blood.


A form of golden strawberry, which should be consumed without waiting too long in a cold and dry place. If you want to benefit from it, you can make a healthy jam at home. Making jam of golden strawberry that helps to lose weight…


1 tablespoon of lemon juice,

2 glasses of water,

1 kg of granulated sugar,

1 kg of golden strawberries,


Clean the golden strawberries in your hand well and add some sugar on it . After waiting for 1 night, boil the mixture for 1 hour the next day and add lemon juice. 10 minutes after the lemon juice, boil it again and turn off the stove. You can store it in a jar.


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There are only 49 calories in 100 grams of golden berries. Golden strawberry, which is a delicious fruit with both its nutritious and fibrous feature, is very ideal for diet. The fruit, which solves digestive problems due to its fibrous structure, also keeps insulin secretion in balance.


Calories: 71 calories

Protein: 2.3 grams

Carbs: 13.3 grams (Sugar: 3.9 grams)

Fat: 1.1 grams

Water: 81%

Vitamin C: 28 milligrams

Iron : 1.3 milligrams

Magnesium: 8 milligrams

Potassium: 170 milligrams

Phosphorus: 39 milligrams

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