Do meatballs make you gain weight? Can you eat meatballs while dieting? Meatball calories

Meatballs between bread, which is the crown of street tastes, or meatballs with rice, which decorates dinner tables, are one of the most delicious alternatives. There are also ways to keep fit with homemade meatballs, which are very easy and practical. Do meatballs, which are difficult to give up with their delicious taste, make you gain weight in the diet? How to make meatballs that do not gain weight? Here is what you need to know about the consumption of meatballs in the diet.

A meatball, touched by a mother’s hand, takes its place among the most popular foods with its taste that can be the crown of even the tables. Meatball-potato-rice, which is an indispensable menu for dinner tables, is a dish known and loved by everyone. You may want to consume the meatball, which has a throne in the hearts with its taste, as a meatball in the middle of the bread or when you have a picnic in the summer. Meatballs, the main ingredient of which is ground meat; It can be cooked in many ways such as oven, grill and frying. Classic meatballs, which contain red meat, not only support muscle development, but also give energy to the body. You can prepare meatballs, which are especially loved by children, with easy recipes. Can meatballs containing high calories and protein, which are consumed not only in childhood but also in adulthood, be eaten during diet, will eating meatballs make you gain weight? Does meatballs between bread break the diet?


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The most difficult moments when people who complain about their excess weight and want to diet are fighting with their selves are trying to keep themselves away from meat and meat products. So, is there a way to eat meatballs in a diet? Of course there is, if you’re hungry, you can continue to eat meatballs without disturbing the diet by paying attention to some measures.

Points to consider for this:

– Make sure to cook the meatballs that you will consume during the diet on the grill.

– Do not overdo it, as the size of the meatball will directly affect the calories. (A maximum of three meatballs can be eaten)

– Avoid using high-calorie ingredients while preparing the meatballs.

– Try not to use too much oil.


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250 grams lean ground beef
1 small onion
½ cup of oat bran
1 egg white
1 pinch of parsley
1/4 cumin
A little salt and pepper


Finely chop the parsley and onions and add all the ingredients to the minced meat. After kneading it well in your hand, cook it in an oil-free pan or on the grill. You can choose this recipe in your lunch or evening nutrition program, as the oat bran you will use among the ingredients will keep you full.

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