Does bagel and pastry for breakfast make you gain weight? Which bagel or pastry has more calories?

It is one of the issues that are often wondered whether bakery products such as bagels, pastries or rolls, which are often preferred for breakfast because of their practicality, cause weight gain. We investigated the effects of bakery alternatives, which are consumed more frequently by people working in an office environment, in terms of health and weight! Does eating donuts for breakfast make you gain weight? What are the harms of eating pastry? Here are all the details…

The biggest mistake that working people make unwittingly in the diet is to have breakfast with pastries such as pastries, bagels or rolls. Instead of healthy snacks that they are lazy to prepare at home the day before, bakery products, which are thought to satisfy hunger but are not satiating with very little protein, also cause weight gain. Instead of eating this food, which has 450 calories even in a single pastry, in one go and getting hungry, it would be more logical to eat 5 olives, 1 egg, a small slice of cheese, tomato, cucumber, and a slice of brown bread from home and eat more healthily. Eating 1 donut on an empty stomach in the morning will be very unhealthy for the body, and when we look at it in terms of weight, you can only burn the calories of 1 pastry eaten by taking 7 thousand 500 steps. Pastry breakfast alternatives such as donuts, bagels and rolls, which are frequently preferred in daily life, also make diets applied to get rid of excess weight inefficient. First of all, it is important to have breakfast, which is one of the most important meals, in a healthy way in accordance with the diet, considering that an effective diet should be carried out with a healthy diet and regular exercise movements. So what happens if we eat pastries or bagels for breakfast? What are the types of breakfast that are not suitable for diet? Which bun or bagel has more calories? The effects of bagel and pastry on breakfast consumption…


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Margarine, which is used abundantly in the making of pastries, is the head of the highest grade oil groups. Unhealthy foods such as pastry consumed in the early hours of the morning cause damage to the heart and vascular health in the human body, causing the heart to get tired in a shorter time. While the fats, which are found in high amounts, return to the body as fat and weight in a short time, it does not work in the diets that are tried to be made. Since it is not easy to burn the fats entering the body, it becomes difficult to lose weight. Therefore, even if a diet is made, efficiency is not obtained.

The pastries that are consumed by people who are disturbed by their stomach for breakfast cause a burning sensation and pain in the stomach.


One plain pastry of 60 grams: 225 kcal
50 grams of medium-sized plain homemade pastry: 117 kcal
A 90 gram cheddar pastry with sesame: 600 kcal on average
1 medium 60 gram cheese pastry: 235 kcal
100 grams of large olive pastry: 384 kcal


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2 eggs (reserve the yolk of one for the top)
1 teaspoon of yogurt
3 tablespoons of olive oil
2.5 cups of whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
2 teaspoons of salt


Knead the yogurt, egg and olive oil well and slowly add the flour. Add salt and baking powder and roll the dough in your hand. Spread the separated egg yolk by placing the cheese in between, sprinkle a little sesame seeds and bake in the oven at 180 degrees. (20 minutes)

Enjoy your meal…

DOES Eating bagels for breakfast cause weight gain?

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It is a matter of curiosity whether the bagel, which is one of the best bagel-cheese duo with tea, gains weight. One of these bagels (40 grams) covered with sesame, which is normally known for weight gain, has a total of 250-300 kcal . Simit, whose calorie is almost equal to 4 slices of bread, is one of the foods frequently consumed for breakfast today.

If you are not trying to fill your stomach with only simit, you can prevent the weight gain of the bagel if you say that you will consume it in a controlled manner.

Consuming the simit with ayran, not alone, will increase your satiety, so you can consume a beverage. Whole grain or wholemeal bagels are more suitable for diet.

Calories of candlestick: 1 of them has a value of 70-80 kcal.


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1 day

Morning; It is consumed by adding mint and lemon to 1 glass of water. Vegetable omelet made with 2 eggs next to half a bagel.
Afternoon; 1 plate of vegetables
Snack; Half bagel, 1 glass of Light Ayran.
Dinner; 200 grams skinless chicken breast.
Snack; Fennel tea (can add cinnamon and cloves)

2 days

Morning; Salad made with 1 glass of water with mint and lemon, 2 triangles of cheese, half a bagel, tomato and cucumber.
Afternoon; 1 plate of spinach.
Snack; Half bagel, 1 glass of Light Ayran.
Dinner; 200 grams of grilled fish, a bowl of salad.
Snack; Linden tea with cinnamon cloves.

3 days

Morning; First eat the plum itself, then drink the juice in the watery mixture that has been kept overnight and contains 2 prunes. Salad consisting of half a bagel, 1 matchbox of cheese, parsley, tomato, cucumber.
Lunch; Salad until satiated.
Snack; Half bagel, 1 glass of light ayran.
Dinner; 150 grams of grilled meat, grilled pepper, eggplant, zucchini.
Snack; Fennel tea with lemon slice


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1 day:

Morning: Tea or coffee with half a bagel. Sugar-free diet drinks are also available.

Lunch: 1 bagel and lean salad (1 bowl)

Dinner: Half a portion of chicken, 1 bowl of salad (without oil)

2 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: 1 bagel and lean salad (1 bowl)

Dinner: Half a serving of chicken and 1 bowl of salad (without fat)

3 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: 1 bagel and lean salad (1 bowl)

Dinner: 10 meatballs (to be made from ground meat without bread and fat.)

4 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: 1 bagel and 1 bowl of salad

Dinner: 10 homemade meatballs.

5 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: 1 bagel and 1 glass of ayran

Dinner: 8 small pieces of lamb chops, 1 bowl of salad

6 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: 1 plate of lean pasta (may be with tomato) 1 bowl of salad

Dinner: 8 pieces of lamb chops, 1 bowl of salad

7 days:

Morning: Half a bagel, tea, coffee or diet drinks.

Lunch: Pasta with chicken and tomatoes (it will be 1 plate, 1 teaspoon of oil can be put in it)

Dinner: 3 pieces of steak or grilled fish, 1 bowl of salad

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