Does cherries lose weight and how to make a cherry diet! Weakening cherry detox from Ahmet Maranki

According to Ahmet Maranki’s detox recipe, we have researched how you should consume cherry, which is a very popular fruit among weight loss detox recipes, to lose weight. How to make a weight loss cherry detox? How to make a cherry diet to lose weight? benefits of cherries

Cherry, which is a source of healing from the stem to the core, is one of the most popular foods of the summer season. Cherry consumption, which is recommended especially for people who are disturbed by digestive problems, is useful in terms of meeting vitamins C, A, K and minerals such as phosphorus, iron and calcium. Cherry, which is effective in losing weight as well as in health, is one of the ideal fruits that women who want to end the summer with a fit physique can get support.

  • Even with its handle, which you can use instead of throwing it away, you can accelerate the weight loss process and reach your desired goal.
  • You can protect your health and fitness by consuming cherries, which experts recommend for people on a diet, correctly in your nutrition program.


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Cherry, which almost all of us wore as earrings when we were little, is one of the fruits that should definitely be consumed with its health and weight loss effect. Cherry, which removes harmful toxins from the body with its strong antioxidants, will facilitate weight loss with its abundant fiber structure.

You can help maintain your form by consuming cherries, which are low in calories, as a detox.


Immediately after waking up:– 2 glasses of warm water – 1 glass of cherries

Breakfast:– 100 grams of cheese – 1 slice of wholemeal bread

Snack:– Half a liter of water – 1 glass of cherries

Noon:– Cheese salad – 1 slice of rye bread – Ayran

Snack:– Half a liter of water – 1 glass of cherries

Afternoon:– Half a liter of water – Toast with nonfat cheese

Evening:– Vegetables with 4 spoons of olive oil – 1 bowl of yogurt – Lean salad

Snack before bed:– Half a liter of water – 2 glasses of cherries


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3 cups of herbal tea (with cherry stems)
500 grams of cherries should be eaten for those with a weight of 60-70, and 1000 grams of cherries for those over 70.


3 cups of herbal tea (with cherry stems)
Those who weigh between 60-70 should consume 500 grams, those over 70 should consume 1000 grams of cherries.


3 cups of herbal tea ( The stems of the cherries should be in the herbal teas)
Those who weigh between 60-70 should consume 500 grams, those over 70 should consume 1000 grams of cherries.

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At least 3 cups of green tea or green tea at the beginning of the meal in the cherry detox, which should be applied in the same way for 3 days. (rosemary, black head, centaury and sage) Herbal teas such as PH should be drunk in large quantities together with water with high PH level. Only flower honey should be consumed for sweetening purposes in herbal teas of at least 1.5 – 2 liters.

NOTE: For cherries consumption, yellowish ones should be preferred.

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