Does Cherry Gain Weight? Does it weaken? How Many Calories?

Do cherries make you gain weight? The question is a situation that closely concerns people who want to lose or maintain their weight, especially in the summer months. Cherry, which helps to lose weight rather than gaining weight, is indispensable for diet lists with its low calorie and fiber structure. Cherry, which is also used as an antioxidant, is effective in preventing heart diseases and cancer. At the same time, thanks to the vitamins A, C, K and various minerals in its content, it contains almost everything you need during the day.

How Many Calories in Cherry?

One cherry calories In terms of value, it is 4 (kcal) calories and consists of 91% carbohydrates, 6% protein and 3% fat. In order to understand the calorie value more clearly, the calorie of 1 glass of seedless cherries was measured as 97 (kcal) calories. Among the low-calorie fruits, there are fruits that have lower calories than cherries. For example, 1 cup sliced strawberry caloriesWhile the value is 53 (kcal), this situation is measured as 57 (kcal) calories in 1 glass of sliced ​​apple.

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Cherry Diets

Thanks to its fibrous structure, cherries, which give a feeling of satiety for a long time and have low calorie values, are among the fruits that are most included in the diet lists. Prepared by Ahmet Maranki cherry diet You can lose 5 kilos per week. What you need to do for this;

  • 3 cups of herbal tea and half a kilo of cherries in the morning
  • 500-1000 grams of cherries with 3 cups of herbal tea at noon
  • Half a kilo of cherries with 3 cups of herbal tea in the evening

In this diet, you will consume 9 cups of herbal tea and 1.5-2 kg of cherries in 1 day. In addition to losing weight, this diet, which is also made as a detox, is recommended to be done for 3 days in total. During this 3-day period, green tea and sage tea are recommended as herbal teas, but plenty of water should be consumed as you will urinate a lot.

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