Does chewing gum make you hungry? Does chewing gum weaken the face? How many calories in 1 piece of chewing gum?

One of the suggestions that will help you lose weight more easily and comfortably while dieting is to chew gum. We have compiled some debilitating tips for chewing gum, which can be preferred both because it consumes calories more easily and because it prevents jowl droop.

Although there is no complete consensus on the effect of chewing gum on weight in daily life, there are some studies conducted only on this. It is thought that the increase in blood flow to the brain with chewing is effective in chewing gum consumption, which has been shown to positively affect mental performance. In addition, it is known that chewing gum behavior, provided that it does not exceed the measure, both takes the stress experienced during the day and makes the body work. Noting that the act of chewing gum helps weight control, experts suggest that chewing gum reduces appetite and consumes more calories. It is known that chewing gum for 1 hour in the morning, provided that it is sugar-free, is worth about 60 kcal. It also revealed the fact that those who chewed gum before and after eating could burn 5% more calories than those who did not.

The act of chewing gum can be expressed as deceiving the body so that too much sugar is not taken into the body. For this reason, you can use chewing gum instead of foods with high calorie value.


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Although it is known that chewing gum, which is known to help lose weight, consumes calories, it has no effect on consuming it alone without diet and sports. If the calorie of 1 sugarless gum corresponds to 5 calories, the calorie of sugar gum is twice as much, that is, 10 calories. Even if it is plain, it should not be forgotten that there is a sweetener in the chewing gums and should not be chewed too much.


-You can chew gum when you want to have a snack at mealtimes.

-You can try to balance your calorie food consumption requests with chewing gum.

– Chewing gum 30 minutes before eating can help control your appetite.

Does chewing gum make face weak?

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Gum, which is extremely effective in the active functioning of the jaw muscles, will prevent the accumulation of fat in the face area. Gum, which helps to lose weight from the face, prevents sagging that may occur in the jowl area. If there is no sugar in the chewed gum and it is not swallowed, chewing gum provides more comfortable weight loss.

Chewing Mint Gum on a DIET…

The chewing gums, which are consumed by some to freshen their breath due to their aroma, predominate in junk food in the diet. There are also those containing 3 calories of peppermint gum, which helps to reduce appetite.

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