Does chickpeas make you gain weight? How should chickpea with meat be consumed in the diet?

Chickpeas, which almost all of us love to eat on top of rice or separately, are also very beneficial in terms of health. We have compiled for you how people who want to lose weight should consume chickpeas in their diet. Meat chickpeas recipe:

At dinner, you can consume chickpeas, which is one of the most important flavors of the tables, either with meat or with chicken. Chickpea dish, which you will experience a full flavor explosion when consumed with plenty of black pepper on rice, is one of the legendary tastes that you can cook for a short time in a pot while cooking in a pressure cooker in a much shorter time. As with many legumes, the most important trick is to soak chickpeas the night before. Chickpea, which has a rich nutritional value, is a great legume that makes you feel full for a long time in the diet, as it is also strong with its fiber content. So, how can chickpea meal be consumed in the diet?


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When adjusting the portion amount of chickpea to be consumed during the diet, it is normal to consume approximately 6-9 tablespoons, ie 2-3 servings of chickpeas. When it is overdone, it does not weaken because the calories will increase, on the contrary, it can even make you gain weight. For this reason, it is ideal to consume chickpeas 1-2 days a week.



300 grams of ground beef
3 years spoon of butter
1 year spoon of oil
1 diced onion
1 year spoon of tomato paste
1/2 yr. spoon of chili paste
1 ch. spoon of salt
1 ch. spoon of black pepper
1 ch. spoon of ground red pepper
500 gr. chickpeas (soaked overnight)
2 glasses of water


Add enough water to cover the top of the cubed meat by 2 inches. After boiling it until soft, heat the butter and vegetable oil in a different pot. Then add the onion and fry it until it turns pink.

1 year tablespoons of tomato paste, half a tbsp. Add a spoonful of pepper paste, 1 teaspoon each of salt, black pepper and ground red pepper and boiled cubes and mix well. At the last stage, add 500 grams of boiled chickpeas, 2 scoops of broth and 2 glasses of water and wait for it to cook with the lid of the pot closed.

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