Does coffee with milk make you gain weight? Soft drink diet milk coffee recipe at home

We have researched the place of coffee with milk, which is the favorite of those who do not like bitter taste like filter coffee, in the diet. So, does coffee with milk, which many of us sip with great pleasure, make us gain weight? How to make coffee with milk on a diet? Diet milk coffee recipe:

If you can’t spend your day without a soft-tasting coffee with milk, we have good news for you! Did you know that when consumed as a snack in the diet, coffee with milk will keep your stomach full for a long time during the day? One cup of coffee with milk, which is enough to calm the sweet cravings that comes suddenly during menstrual periods and to meet the sweet need in your body naturally, contains low calories while no added sugar. There are about 30 calories in Turkish coffee with milk, which has ideal protein and carbohydrate value. In addition, the effect of caffeine will increase the metabolic rate and enable the body to burn calories faster. You can drink a maximum of 2 cups of coffee with milk during the day, and you should not use honey, sugar or sweetener in your coffee. The habit of drinking three-in-one coffee or coffee with sugar can lead to weight gain.


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– 1 glass of water

– 1.5 teaspoons of dry coffee powder

– 1 Cup of milk (Full Fat)


Pour 1 glass of milk and water into the large pot. Then add the coffee and mix until well mixed. Then take it to medium heat and wait for it to boil. When it boils, make it ready to serve.

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