Does drinking fat make you lose weight, which is the healthiest fat? Fast weight loss oils…

With the famous oils, which are known to be the healthiest among the oils that help to lose weight, you can lose the weight you want. We have compiled for you the most beneficial fats and consumption patterns that you can consume in the diet, which will make your body slimmer. Considering the healthiest oil types with weight loss properties, a slimming method with Safflower oil, black seed oil, chia seed oil and germ oil…

One of the mistakes made by women who want to maintain their health and reach the targeted weight in an easy way is to completely remove fat from their lives. In the answer to the question of whether fat or sugar makes you gain weight, which can be discussed many times among the public, there are well-known mistakes about the use of fat. Contrary to popular belief, completely preventing the use of fat will make it difficult to lose weight, so you can choose healthy fats suitable for the diet, which you can use while on a diet, in your nutrition program. Apart from weight-gaining vegetable oils, you can easily lose weight with a healthy and natural diet, thanks to the correct consumption of oil. People who do not want to gain weight should know which fats they can prefer in the diet. Apart from the oils added to the meals, there are also oils used to lose weight. So, what are the fats that do not gain weight and which are healthy? Weight loss method with the healthiest oil type…



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Recommended by dietitians for weight loss, safflower oil is very effective in burning fat and accelerating metabolism. The CLA substance in it prevents fat storage in the body, making it easier to lose weight.

It is recommended to consume one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

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2- Black Seed Oil

It is known that black cumin is among the healing foods recommended by our Prophet (SAV). For this reason, black seed oil, which we should not miss in our daily life, is a source of healing, especially for those who have hay allergies in the spring!

Consuming 1 teaspoon of black seed oil in the morning on an empty stomach will suppress hunger.

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Germ oil, which must be consumed by people who do sports, is very valuable in terms of vitamins A, D and E. This oil is very beneficial for people who exercise, as it has anti-aging and fatigue-reducing properties.


‘Metabolic syndrome’ is a very dangerous disease, which is caused by insulin resistance and excess weight, and then leads to fatal results.

According to studies, chia seeds help to lose weight by supporting the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

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