Does drinking water make you gain weight? How many liters of water should you drink per day to lose weight? If you drink water at night…

Water, which is one of the two basic foods such as food and drink, that people need to survive, should be taken up to 2 liters per day in order to meet the body’s needs. So, is it harmful to drink more or less water? What diseases does drinking less water cause? Does drinking a lot of water make you lose weight? Does water make you gain weight or lose weight? Is it okay to drink water at night?

Consuming more or less water than the body needs brings along many health problems. A person who takes 1500 calories in 1 day should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water. If this person sweats frequently and causes fluid loss in his body by doing sports or exercise movements, he should drink more water. In order to understand whether the amount of fluid to be taken daily is sufficient , it is necessary to look at the color and amount of urine. If the urine is small and dark, it means there is a lack of fluid . It is ideal for liquid consumption to meet the need for toilet 7-8 times a day, urine is pale or clear. Water, which helps to balance the body’s temperature, contributes to the correct and healthy functioning of the joint areas, and provides deep cleaning by throwing out the harmful toxins accumulated inside. The amount of water needed by the human body is about 2 liters. For this, you should drink 1 glass of water especially before going to sleep and after getting up.

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Drinking water alone without sports and exercise has no known weight loss effect. However, it is known that at least 1.5 liters of water while dieting is beneficial in terms of removing toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water will prevent the urge to overeat as it will make the stomach bloated.

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As we mentioned before, water consumption should be on an empty stomach, that is, before eating. Drinking water between meals can increase appetite contrary to weight loss. Consuming foods with a rich fiber structure together with liquid will swell the fiber and cause it to become even more bulky.


It causes some problems in the body with excessive or less fluid consumption. So, what problems are seen in people who do not like to drink water and cannot get enough fluids? Here are the disorders caused by insufficient water consumption:

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– Weight gain: When not enough water is drunk, the working tempo of the intestines and digestive enzymes slows down. When the digestive system slows down, the person becomes available to gain weight.

– Constipation: Digestion becomes difficult and constipation occurs.

– Muscle aches: It is more important for the person who exercises regularly to consume fluids. If enough fluid is not taken, the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles cannot be removed from the body and muscle pains are observed.

– Dry skin: The skin health of individuals who do not drink enough water during the day deteriorates and they experience premature aging problems by experiencing loss of flexibility.

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