Does eating muhlama without bread make you gain weight? Light (Kuymak) muhlama recipe

One of the indispensable flavors of your Black Sea cuisine, muhlama (kuymak) is one of the most special dishes worth tasting. Even though the muhlamas taken in front of the scenery with the elongated cheese are enviable, those who are on a diet will not be deprived of muhlama with the appropriate recipe! How to make kuymak (muhlama) at home? How to make muhlama that does not gain weight? What are the tricks of muhlama at home? Making light (low calorie) kuymak…

The famous mihlama, also known as kuymak, is among the delicious dishes cooked in the Black Sea region. With its pleasant taste on the palate, it is enough to satisfy the eyes of everyone who sees and does not see with its cheese that gets longer as it gets longer, not only in the Black Sea Region, but also in all regions. Mehlama with plenty of cheese and butter continues to conquer hearts when it is made in accordance with the procedure. People on a diet who do not want to be deprived of this flavor may worry about whether they will gain weight. Well, does it make you gain weight? How many calories in mihlama (kuymak)? How to make light setting at home? Here’s how to make muhlama without butter, which doesn’t make you gain weight…


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– 3 tablespoons of cornmeal

– Cheese

– Salt

– Water


To prepare the light setting, first, let’s put our cornmeal in the pot. After roasting the corn flour, add water according to its consistency. After mixing until the lump is gone, add the string cheese and continue mixing it slowly. Sprinkle a small amount of salt. Mihlama will be ready to eat after bubbling.

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Calories and nutritional values ​​of 120 grams of setting:

3% Carbohydrate

16% Protein

81% Fat

25 grams of white bread average 60 kcal

1 medium portion of muhlama 489 kcal.

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If you are afraid that you will gain weight after eating the setting, the calorie value of which can vary depending on the ingredients added, you can burn the calories you take with some methods to relax you. You can burn about 225 kcal with 37 minutes of walking, 17 minutes of running, 32 minutes of cycling, and 22 minutes of swimming.

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