Does eating plums with salt cause weight gain? How many calories in plums? Benefits of plum for diet

Plum, which is one of the most popular fruits of the summer months, not only has incredible health benefits, but also helps diet. Did you know how many calories are in plum, which can be easily consumed with its abundant fiber and water ratio? How many calories in plums? Does plum make you gain weight? Does eating plums with salt cause weight gain?

The green plum, which is mouth-watering with its large appearance, is one of the most delicious summer fruits that are beneficial for health. Plum, which can be eaten with its sour taste, has a high amount of vitamin C and plenty of fiber. The fiber in plums, which can be consumed with peace of mind even by women on a diet, facilitates digestion and helps to lose weight, due to its low calorie and abundant vitamin support. Since it has a sour taste, all varieties of plum, which pregnant mothers often crave, are almost equal in terms of calories. Since plums with high water content will also contain less sugar, it is the ideal summer fruit to be consumed by those who want to maintain their form in the diet and to have a healthy diet. So, how should plum consumption be in the diet? Does plum make you gain weight, how many calories in plum? Here are the nutritional values ​​of plums…

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100 grams of green plum ;

Energy: 46 calories

Protein: 0.70 g

Carbs: 11.42 g

Total saturated fatty acids: 0.017 g

Monosaturated fatty acids: 0.134 g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 0.044 gr

Dietary fiber: 1.4 gr


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The most important point for people addicted to green plums to avoid gaining weight on the diet they eat the plum by salting it. Since the green plum, which will be consumed with plenty of salt, will be more caloric than the plum eaten plain, it is recommended for people who are obsessed with weight to eat the plum plain. If you consume plain green plums in the right and appropriate amounts, 100 grams of the plum , which is known to not gain weight, corresponds to a total of approximately 47 kcal .

Contrary to weight gain, the fibers in the plum, which will facilitate weakening, are very effective for a quick digestion. Thanks to the fibers, the irregularities in the intestines will disappear and satiety will be provided for a long time. Women who are on a diet can consume plums for snacks.


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Green plum, heralding the arrival of summer in grocery stores, It has many benefits from weight loss to constipation. Here are 7 unknown benefits of green plum…

1- Toilet habit, which is the harbinger of a healthy digestive system, can be regulated with plums. – By consuming a handful of plums a day, which has a rich fiber texture, you can relieve your stomach gas, constipation and gas problems.

2- After losing weight by dieting, sagging is the biggest nightmare of all women. However, eating fruits such as green plums, which are rich in vitamin C and strengthen the connective tissue, both prevent sagging and keep the skin young.

3- By consuming a handful of plums a day, you can accelerate your metabolism and lose a healthy weight.

4- You can get rid of anemia by eating green plums containing high levels of iron and calcium. By consuming green plums, you can overcome serious problems caused by anemia, such as hair loss and inability to become pregnant.

5- Plum, which contains high levels of vitamin C, strengthens the immune system. Plum, which is consumed in a small amount every day, protects against diseases such as spring fever and allergic reaction.

6- Green plum, which helps you fight chronic cough, also protects the body against lung cancer.

7- Green plum, which has a high antioxidant effect, especially prevents heart diseases, cholesterol and vascular occlusion.

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