Does eating purslane make you lose weight? Fabulous purslane diet for 3 days

‘Purslane’, which is one of the lightest and most delicious green leafy vegetables, is one of the foods that are loved with its slightly sour taste. You can cook with only the vegetables of purslane, or you can create a delicious salad variety when you eat it mixed with yogurt. By eating purslane, which has a low calorie value, you can protect both your health and your fit body! How to lose weight by eating purslane? 3 day purslane diet

The purslane vegetable, which is extremely beneficial in terms of omega-3 fatty acids, creates a delicious taste on the palate when consumed with yogurt. By consuming purslane, which has a light and delicious taste, in a healthy and correct way, you can make it easier to lose weight as well as fill your stomach. Experts gave some important information about purslane, which is an ideal food that you can consume in the evening or between meals. So, how should those who want to lose weight consume purslane? Can you lose weight by eating purslane? Here is the 3-day purslane diet…


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Purslane salad or meal included in the daily nutrition program is effective in melting excess fat in the body. Although long-term diets are often boring, purslane, which you can apply very easily, will be good for your heart health, while you will lose weight and your body will get the necessary vitamin thanks to the vitamin C you will take.

The slipperiness of purslane leaves, where 100 grams of purslane equals 32 kcal, also softens the intestines. It will also facilitate the absorption of iron in the intestines.

Daily Purslane Yogurt Detox

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In the purslane diet, which you will continue for 3 days to apply daily, you can consume eggs, cheese, 1-2 slices of bread for breakfast. Try to consume fruits in the snacks and vegetables in the lunch menu. If you always say whether I will eat vegetables or meat is forbidden, of course not, but it is obvious that you will see less of it.

In the lunch menu; It can be vegetable-yoghurt or legumes-yogurt. After eating a fruit towards the evening, you should apply purslane detox with yoghurt in the evening. Do not eat anything after the meal, you can drink herbal tea.


NOTE: (Breakfast will be made in the same way every day)


-30 g cheese
-5 olives
-Tomato cucumber
-Light tea or 1 glass of tomato juice
-1 slice of wholemeal bread


Lunch: Pasta with cheese and ayran
Evening: Purslane with yoghurt and minced meat


Lunch : Half a kilo of fruit
Dinner: Chicken sauté and 1 slice of wholemeal bread


Lunch: Purslane with olive oil and 1 ayran
Dinner: Chicken sauté and 1 slice of wholemeal bread


Lunch: Purslane salad and 1 bowl of yogurt
Dinner: 3 stuffed zucchini and 1 bowl of tzatziki


Lunch: 2 bananas
Dinner: Purslane with minced meat, 1 buttermilk and 1 slice of wholemeal bread


Lunch: Purslane with olive oil and 1 bowl of yogurt
Dinner: Grilled fish and mixed grill


Lunch: You can optionally put boiled purslane, wholemeal pancakes
Dinner: Pasta with vegetables and 1 ayran

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