Does going to the toilet often make you lose weight? Does urinating while drinking water make you lose weight?

If you go to the toilet frequently during the day and wonder about the effect of this on your diet weight loss process, especially after eating, this can be a good sign for both health and diet. As expected, frequent urination is the most important indicator that your metabolism is working fast. So, what are the reasons for going to the toilet frequently, how long after drinking water does urine come? Drinking water on diet…

The state of going to the toilet, which is directly related to the metabolic rate of the person working during the day, means that the amount of water that is beneficial for health is taken into the body if it is not regular and exaggerated. It can be easily understood that there is a disorder in the diet of those who have problems with urination, as well as those who go to the toilet frequently in daily life. If there are symptoms such as pain or bloating in the abdomen, it is likely that you do not go to the toilet less. One of the common views among the people is about going to the toilet while dieting. As it is thought that the number of going to the toilet is directly proportional to its relation to health, determinations about the color of urine can also be put forward. Frequent urination has advantages as well as disadvantages for people who want to diet to lose their excess weight and get rid of them. The number of going to the toilet should be observed by following a diet program suitable for the level of metabolism. In order to observe frequent urination in the diet, foods with increased water should be preferred in the nutrition lists. Such foods should be increased in order to remove the excess amount of water that the body needs daily, along with toxins. This is the biggest proof that you should drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water a day. So what is the importance of water consumption in diet? What are the causes of frequent urination while dieting? Does urinating after eating make you lose weight? Does urinating when drinking water burn fat?


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As a result of some diets applied for regional slimming or to lose weight in general, frequent urination, without exaggeration, is an indication that the diet works. Frequent urination is directly proportional to the fact that the metabolism is active, that is, fast. The weights excreted from the body as urine or feces provide great comfort.

If you want to see this most clearly, you will definitely see the weight difference before and after you go to the toilet in the morning. If you pay attention, we say weight loss because it is your weight, not your weight, which is on the scale.

WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR FREQUENT urination in the toilet?

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First of all, it should be known that the reasons for going to the toilet for urine and going to the toilet for stool are not the same. Foods and liquid drinks taken into the body can have an effect on metabolism with a controlled and balanced diet program. If you do not experience frequent urination on the diet, you can overcome this by consuming fiber foods that are both light in calories and high in satiating. With fibrous foods that help moisten the intestines, stool can be made at least once a day.

You can fulfill your need to go to the toilet with foods such as apricots, watermelon, apples, peas, lentils and beans, which are rich in fiber. Although it does not directly help you lose weight instantly, it will help you a lot in terms of bloating and weight in the body.

Apart from the amount of water recommended by experts to be consumed during the day, natural fruit juices can be consumed to support the diet. The fruit juices mentioned here are definitely home-made and healthy ones. On the contrary, ready-made fruit juices cause a decrease in the number of toilet visits.


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One of the most important issues for health, both when dieting and in normal life, is water consumption. The more you tend to drink water in water consumption, which progresses in direct proportion to the weight loss process, the easier you will convince yourself to lose weight. If you go to the toilet and urinate as soon as you drink water, this is proof that the kidneys are working well.

The kidneys, which act completely as a filter, help to lose the weight gained through edema. To get rid of edema from the body, you should drink plenty of water and increase your metabolic rate.

If you pay attention to a healthy diet and drink plenty of water in a 1-week period, you will throw out about 3 kilos from the body through urine.


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If you are faced with the problem of going to the toilet, if you do not want to be constipated and want to support your diet in a healthy way, we have listed the suggestions that will allow you to go to the toilet instantly during the day. Not drinking enough water will tire your digestive system. Therefore, drink plenty of water and do not drink caffeinated drinks that keep water away from the body. Relaxing herbal teas are effective in mobilizing the intestines and removing them to the toilet. Focus on fruit and vegetable consumption so that stool is easier to pass in the intestine.

Activate your body with regular exercise movements . Foods such as dairy products, fast food, fries, eggs, meat, cakes and baked goods can cause constipation, try not to consume them. You can speed up the urination process by eating figs, apples, kefir, flax seeds, prunes, fruits and vegetables .


WATER: It passes directly to the intestines.
FRUIT OR VEGETABLE JUICE: It reaches the intestines in 15-20 minutes.
RAW VEGETABLES: They are in the intestines after about 30-40 minutes.
COOKED VEGETABLES: After an average of 40 minutes, they are in the intestines.
FISH: It passes into the intestine in 45-60 minutes.
OIL SALAD: It is in the intestine after 1 hour.
STARCH FOODS: It reaches the intestines after 1.5-2 hours.
CHICKEN: After 1.5-2 hours, it goes to the intestines.
SHELL NUTS: After 3 hours, it is in the intestines.


Dieters should pay attention to frequent urination, and the color of the product should be white on the 3rd or 4th days. If your urine color is dark in the diet, it means that you are not removing enough toxins from your body. All you have to do to get rid of the excess swelling in your body, that is, the edema, is to drink water. Consumption of water with parsley and lemon in the diet has quite an anti-edema effect.

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