Does green lentil soup make you gain weight? Low calorie lentil soup recipe

The benefits of green lentils in the diet, which is one of the most popular soups on the table, both contributing to health and helping to lose weight, do not end with counting. You can see the effects of green lentils, which are recommended to be included in the diet with their iron storage and fibrous feature, on weight loss.

If you want to get in shape easily and comfortably by preventing overeating, you can change your diet with extremely healthy and useful recipes instead of continuing harmful eating habits! Green lentils, one of the indispensable foods for a healthy and high-quality diet, are perfect for the effective functioning of the intestines and strengthening the immunity. Green lentils, which should not be missing from our tables, are one of the most ideal dishes to be consumed in the diet. When you want to lose weight, you can boil the lentils, which reduces the daily calorie intake, and consume it in salads in the amount of 2 tablespoons. Green lentils, which are a strong source of fiber, will swell in the stomach and take up space, thus reducing the feeling of hunger in response to eating less and providing a positive effect on the diet.

  • It helps the intestines to work quickly.
  • Lentils are very beneficial for people with weight-related blood pressure. It also makes you lose weight and lowers blood pressure.
  • It is a very powerful source of fiber and iron.

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1 cup pre-soaked green lentils

1 tbsp. tomato paste, 1 tsp. pepper paste

1 medium onion

One-fourth of a tea glass of oil

2 tablespoons upon request. noodles – 1 tbsp. barley noodle

1 teaspoon dried mint


Drain the lentils, which have been sorted and kept in plenty of water overnight, and pour them into the pot. Add enough water to cover it, close the lid of the pot and let the lentils soften and boil. In a separate pan, add oil and add chopped onions and fry well. After frying, add the tomato paste and dried mint.

On the other hand, you can pour the black water of the boiling lentils and add hot water again, or you can add the noodles and barley without pouring them. After boiling for an average of 5 minutes, pour the roasted mixture into it and cook for a few more minutes. If the consistency is thick, you can add hot water. At the last step, you can add salt and finish the soup.


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1 onion, 4 branches of cloves, 2 bay leaves,
1 clove of garlic and yellow lentils.


Melt the butter and olive oil in a discreet saucepan. Chop the onions coarsely and put them in the pot. Add some salt and shake the pot slightly so that the butter is absorbed with the onions. On the other hand, to wash the lentils you put in the empty container with cold water, fill them up to the top. Mix the lentils well with a whisk. After whisking in one hand, when the foam becomes foamy, empty the water and do the same process once again until the water is clear. Then drain the water well and pour it into the pot.

Break off the balls on the cloves and put them in the pot. The balls will stay in the pot. Add 2 bay leaves and add 1 clove of garlic to the pot as it is without grating. After sprinkling with plenty of black pepper, adjust the salt and put it in. Fry the lentils for about 5-6 minutes, continue frying until they swell and lighten slightly. In the meantime, do not rush to pour the water, the ingredients are thoroughly identical. (You can use chicken stock or broth instead of hot water, it will be more delicious. Especially chicken stock!)

Since it is not rich in ingredients like in other recipes, it is enough to cover it. Cover the pot with its lid and let it cook for about 45 minutes. If there is foam, you can take it.

After cooking, take the bay leaves and pass them through a hand blender. After removing the foams formed on it, you can boil it for 1 more time on low heat.

To prepare the sauce: Cloves and chili flakes. Olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper.

While making the soup, put the cloves that we put in the balls and the dried pepper or chili pepper in the sauce pan. Add butter and olive oil, then add salt and pepper. Finally, pour the sauce into the pot and enjoy it. Write a message.

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