Does highland soup make you gain weight? The easiest rice yogurt soup recipe on diet

Here is our news that you will find answers to questions about whether highland soup, which has a slightly sour taste, will make you gain weight in the diet. So, does highland soup make you gain weight? Diet Rice Yogurt Soup Recipe:

Yogurt soup, which can be prepared in a short time at home in a practical and delicious way, is also a favorite of women who want to lose weight on a diet. Due to the rice it contains, it has a satiating feature, but as in everything else, consuming it in yoghurt soup by overdoing it can trigger unwanted weight. We have compiled for you the easiest version of yoghurt, also known as highland soup, in diet, which will warm you up on cold winter days and cheer up your palate with its slightly sour taste. If you wish to a perfect highland soup where rice, mint and yoghurt meet, you can pass your meal with a bowl of green salad. A small bowl of highland soup has 70 calories, a medium bowl of highland soup has 94 calories, and a large bowl of highland soup has 140 kcal . If you want to reduce your calorie intake even more, you can choose bulgur or barley vermicelli instead of the rice you add while making highland soup.


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If you want to stay full for a long time during the day and soothe your hunger, you can support your diet with a healthy yogurt soup.


4 tablespoons of light yogurt

3 or 4 tablespoons of bulgur or brown rice

2 tablespoons of light flour

1 tablespoon of butter

half a teaspoon of pepper

1 teaspoon of mint


After the water boils well in the pot, add the bulgur. On the other hand, put some water, flour and yoghurt in a deep bowl and whisk well. Stir the mixture by pouring the boiling water little by little. Melt some oil and butter in a different pot, add mint and chili peppers and pour into the pot. It’s over already!


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Put 1 cup of rice in a soup of 2.5-3 liters. Wash 1 glass of rice in warm water and drain the water. Pour the drained rice into the pot, very light water may remain in the pot. Add about 3 liters of water to 1 glass of rice and mix well from the top.

For a sour yoghurt soup, put strained yoghurt or a regular yoghurt if you don’t have it at home, on the other hand, put 1 glass of yoghurt in the bowl. After mixing well, add 1 egg yolk into it. Sift 2 tablespoons of flour into the bowl and mix well. If you are sure that there are no lumps, when the mixture becomes creamy, take water from the pot with a ladle and slowly put it into the bowl.

Then put the mixture in the pot and stir. The basis of yogurt soup is ready. Then, melt the mint and chili peppers in butter or olive oil and pour the oil into the pot to finish the soup. You can sprinkle a little salt if you wish.

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