Does latte make you gain weight, how many calories in latte coffee? How to make a milk foam latte at home?

Milk latte, which is one of the most preferred beverages due to its soft taste, is one of the situations that dieters approach with concern because it contains sugar. So, how many calories are in Latte varieties, a recipe for diet foamy coffee with milk at home:

Latte, which has a mild aroma because it is prepared with milk, is one of the favorite drinks of coffee addicts. When we look at the Italian language, the real full name of Latte, which means ‘milk’ , is Caffe Latte Machiato . Milk combined with espresso or granulated coffee makes us love Latte with a pleasant taste on the palate. You don’t need to buy Latte, which is both practical and delicious, from outside. You can spend warm moments on a cold winter day, accompanied by a latte with plenty of milk, which you will prepare at home with only a few ingredients, without a machine. It is also a matter of curiosity whether latte coffee, which is consumed fondly with its unique consistency and light aroma, is consumed in the diet. When it is made with different coffee flavors, it is a beverage that should be consumed carefully, as the amount of calories will change and it will have a weight-loss effect. Most of the time, latte, which is a great pleasure to drink outside, is among the drinks that are sometimes unintentionally avoided due to the amount of sugar in it. So, can you drink latte on diet?


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Latte coffee, which is consumed fondly due to its soft taste, contains much more milk than cappuccino. Since there will be no water in the Latte, which contains only milk, it is easier and lighter to drink. Therefore, it is the first choice of those who do not like heavy coffee. A cup of black coffee, which can be preferred in the right amount in the diet, increases the metabolic rate due to the caffeine in it and provides the opportunity to burn more calories.

When it comes to Latte with milk, the fat and sugar content of the milk to be used in it can be a bit of a problem in terms of weight.

You should not drink more than 1 glass a day so that the latte does not make you gain weight. You can consume 1 glass every day or once every 2 days, under the control of your dietitian. You can drink latte in the diet, but if you have diabetes or a condition such as insulin resistance, it would be better not to consume it. Preferring skim milk when making lattes will also reduce calories in lattes.


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1 package of 17 grams Nescafe latte: 73 calories

Carbs: 1.1 g
Protein: 1.4 g
Fat 2.2 g

Latte with Lactose Free Milk:

Short: 134 calories
Tall: 209 calories
Grande: 265 calories
Venti: 328 calories
100 grams: 57 calories

Chai Tea Latte calories: (Skimmed Milk)

Short: 103 calories
Tall: 160 calories
Grande: 208 calories
Venti: 271 calories


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1 shot of espresso or 1 teaspoon of granulated coffee
1 cup of skim milk
French press or milk frother


First, warm the milk well in the coffee pot.  If you do not prefer espresso, brew your coffee in a french press or dissolve the granulated coffee in very little hot water. After the milk is heated, add it to the french press and froth the milk.

Then slowly add the foamy milk you have prepared on the coffee. Let the milk flow first, then the milk foam. Sort coffee-milk and milk foam at the top.

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