Does leek make you weak, lose weight with raw leek! How to consume leek to lose weight?

In particular, the leek, which is perfect for constipation, weakens it no matter how you consume it raw or cooked! You can quickly get rid of your fat by consuming the juice of leek, which is one of the most beneficial winter vegetables with high fiber content, as a cure. How to lose weight by eating leeks? Natural ways to lose weight with a raw leek diet…

One of the frequently asked questions about the consumption of leek, which is one of the most consumed winter vegetables in the winter months when cold weather prevails, is whether the leek can be eaten raw. Leek, which can be consumed raw as well as cooked, creates a natural detox effect in our body in our daily lives, and also facilitates weight loss when consumed regularly. Leek, which has the feature of increasing fertility in women, is one of the most important keys to clearing toxins and healthy weight loss. Leeks, which are grown from flower bulbs just like onions and garlic, come to the aid of people who want to lose weight locally and show their fat burning function. While experts consider leek consumption appropriate for people who frequently face constipation, they also point out how important it is for a comfortable digestive system. Leek, which usually takes its place on the tables with its olive oil type, has only 183 calories in 1 serving size meal. Tips for losing weight with the leek diet…


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Leek, which has a high fiber content, facilitates digestion and prevents constipation by ensuring that the intestines, which have an important role in digestion, work quickly. Leek, which is nutritious in terms of vitamin values, also strengthens the immune system by providing a protective task against diseases and makes the body vigorous.

Because it is strong in antioxidants, it allows the excess water in the body to penetrate out, and it is effective in eye health against cataract, which is at risk of developing in advanced ages, with its serious vitamin A ratio.

Leek, which is one of the ideal vegetables that can be preferred in the diet due to its low calorie, supports weight loss. When we look at those who lose weight by eating leeks, it is seen that they generally do it as a soup or by consuming a low-fat meal.

In addition, leek juice made with lemon, water and leek is an effective detox mixture. It can be added to the diet with its edema-stimulating and metabolism-accelerating feature.


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3 leeks

1 liter of water

juice of 1 lemon


You will use 3 leeks and 1 lemon in this leek cure, which will be your natural recipe for losing weight. The first intervention to be applied is to put 1 liter of warm water in the pot and boil it. Clean the leeks, put them in boiling water and cook for a few minutes.

When ready, take the leeks out of the water, store the juice in the bottle and add lemon juice.


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When you wake up in the morning, drink the leek juice in warm form, which you can consume while you are hungry. This will speed up your metabolism. You can eat on average 15 minutes before the lunch menu.

Do not forget to consume another cup in the afternoon and drink the last cup 15 minutes before the evening meal.


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Raw leek, which is very effective on the intestines, is one of the methods that has just started to become popular in the nutrition programs of people who want to lose weight. Raw leek, which provides fast fat burning and helps weight control, should be consumed at least once a week.

The effect of leeks, which will help you lose weight in the near future by providing a feeling of satiety, is more than the others.

It supports vitamin K, A, C, B6 in the body. In addition, leeks, which contain high nutritional values ​​​​in terms of manganese and iron minerals, provide energy and contribute to the development of bone tissue.

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