Does pickled hot pepper make you lose weight or gain weight? Hot ornamental pepper recipe at home

You can make the weight loss process easier by adding ornamental pepper, which can be consumed by people who love hot, to your diet program. We have searched for you a simple and delicious recipe for making hot pepper pickles at home, which helps to lose weight by increasing body temperature. Does pickled hot pepper burn fat? Does eating cayenne pepper make you lose weight? Here is how to make ornamental hot peppers in the restaurant style…

Hot pepper, which is a favorite of diet lists created to lose weight, provides positive effects on weight loss. Pickled types of hot pepper are also number 1 in weight loss just like itself. It is very important to consume hot pepper pickles in moderation and correctly, which will cause more harm than the wound with excessive consumption. Otherwise, unexpected problems may develop in the stomach and intestines. Today, we see that the methods of losing weight by eating hot pepper have become popular. Since it increases body temperature, it will not be enough to consume hot pepper pickles, which is thought to be directly related to metabolic rate. It may be better for people with stomach problems such as gastritis and ulcer not to consume pickles, but you should still consult your doctor…


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We have compiled for you the version of hot ornamental peppers made alone in home-made pickles. We have compiled the recipe for the hot ornamental pepper you consume alongside heavy meals such as lahmacun and kebab you eat on the streets.


Hot pepper
Half a tea glass of apple cider vinegar for 500 ml water bottle
1 or 2 teaspoons salt
3-5 cloves of garlic

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Ornamental After washing the peppers with plenty of water, cut the stems and put them in the bottle. Then pour half a tea glass of apple cider vinegar on it as much as the number of bottles. Sprinkle salt and place the garlic, pour water all over it and close the lid. Store in a cool and dark place…

Bon appetit…

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