Does plain soda make you slimmer? When to drink mineral water to lose weight?

Mineral water, which is known to be very good for indigestion and stomach problems, is also known to help lose weight. You can consume mineral water, which facilitates metabolism and fat burning, 2 times a day. Things to know about mineral water to lose weight…

Especially after eating, mineral water, which is drunk to relax the stomach, is one of the recommended drinks that experts recommend because it is a full mineral store. As it is beneficial for health, mineral water, which facilitates weight loss in diet, affects health positively with the carbon dioxide and dissolved minerals in it. Since it contains 0 calories in a plain mineral water and soda, it does not cause any weight gain. However, it is known that 1 bottle of soda contains 94%, and 1 glass of soda contains 75 calories . Calories in soda and mineral water may vary depending on the brand. It is also known that soda consumed immediately after eating can have a negative effect on the human body and shake the balance. We have compiled for you the effect of soda and mineral water, which is recommended to be consumed under the control of a doctor, on the diet.


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The best drink that can meet the daily mineral support is mineral water. In order for the body to perform its functions properly, you can use mineral water in the morning, in the middle of the day or when the body’s thirst increases, and you can remove the amount of water needed.

In addition, with the mineral structure of mineral water, it will keep the body fit and alive. You can consume it by adding herbs such as basil and mint to the mineral water that you will consume twice a day.


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According to the information obtained from the studies, the fact that consuming mineral water after eating more helps to lose weight has emerged. Mineral water, which is effective in filling the stomach quickly, also reduces the kcal value that can be taken. Mineral water, which increases the metabolic rate in the body, makes you tired more difficult while doing sports.

Mineral water, which makes digestion easier by equalizing stomach acid, can be consumed in ideal amounts to lose weight.

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