Does potato with egg make you gain weight? Potato recipe for breakfast with eggs in diet

We have found the lowest calorie recipe for egg with potatoes, which you can consume for breakfast with peace of mind even when you are on a diet! You can follow the details of the news to learn how to make potatoes with eggs made with the boiling technique. Recipe for breakfast potatoes with eggs in the diet:

Even though crispy french fries, which have become a must for weekend breakfasts, are a food that many of us cannot easily ignore, eyes may look for different recipes from time to time. If you want to consume potatoes that are both satiating and do not contain cholesterol and fat in your diet, and if you want to achieve this in a healthy way, it is important to consume it correctly. Those who want to consume potatoes in the diet should prefer the baked and boiled form. Experts say that as long as it is eaten in this way, the potato does not lose weight and even helps to lose weight, and draws attention to the fact that it contains a significant amount of vitamin C and iron. The healthiest method in diet; Since the potatoes are boiled, you can consume the boiled egg with potatoes instead of 1 bread and 1 meat / cheese right.


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2 potatoes
1 small onion
2 eggs
chili pepper
Olive oil
Cheddar cheese according to taste


After boiling the potatoes well, mash them well. Then pour a little olive oil into the pan and fry the finely chopped onions for 5 minutes. You can add it if it decreases as it will absorb oil.

When the boiled potatoes are fried, break the eggs on top and mix well. Grated cheddar cheese can be sprinkled upon request.


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2 potatoes
2-3 eggs
Paprika, salt, pepper
Liquid oil


Cut the peeled potatoes into cubes and fry them in hot oil. Pour the scrambled eggs on top of the potato, evenly all over, sprinkle with cayenne pepper and black pepper, and cook without mixing. When it’s six, turn it over and cook the other side.

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