Does rice pudding make you gain weight, the lightest rice pudding recipe! Easy to make rice pudding suitable for diet at home

Rice pudding, one of the lightest milk desserts that we all love to eat at home, is still at the top of conquering hearts with its taste. If you don’t want to gain weight and don’t want to give up on rice pudding, you should definitely try fit rice pudding! How to make rice pudding with little rice, how many calories are rice pudding? Easy and practical rice pudding recipe at home:

Rice pudding, which is one of the sweets that is consumed fondly because it is both light and delicious because it is milky, is one of the indispensable tastes for most people. Rice pudding, one of the traditional Turkish desserts that has taken its place in almost every home, is one of the first alternatives of everyone who avoids sweets due to the intense sherbet! When we look at the story of the emergence of rice pudding, according to the rumors reaching today; It was cooked and fed by mixing sugar, milk and rice to the person who was sick with his stomach, and the first rice pudding was eaten like this. It is known that harem members and sultans ate this dessert frequently, especially during Ramadan, in the Ottoman palace cuisine in ancient times. Rice pudding, which has been in our kitchens from the past to the present, is a type of dessert that those who are worried about gaining weight are in dilemma because it is made with rice. So, how to make rice pudding suitable for diet? Diet Rice Pudding Recipe:


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If you do not want your rice pudding to be too ricey, you should adjust the amount of rice according to the milk ratio. For example; 1 tea glass of rice is sufficient for 3 kilos of milk, and one cup of coffee is sufficient for 1 kilo of milk. First, wash the rice well in water and drain it. Then pour the rice into a large pot and add enough water to cover it. Add a little milk for flavor. (Little) Add a pinch of salt and let it cook.

After the rice is soft, pour the milk into it. Let it cook for about 1 hour, checking it from time to time. Adjust the sugar according to your taste and cook a little more. (about 2 cups), then you can taste and add if it is less. Open 1 tablespoonful of starch with a little milk in a glass and pour it into the pot. Make sure to stir frequently during this time. Add vanilla after turning off the bottom of the stove or close to turning it off.


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1 cup of semi-skimmed milk
3 tablespoons of oats
2 tablespoons of coconut
1 tablespoon of walnuts
2 tablespoons of molasses
1 vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon


Cook the oats and milk well on the stove. After it gets dark, add walnuts, cinnamon, coconut. Pour it into the bowl and add molasses to it. Your fit rice pudding is ready!


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In order for the diet rice pudding recipe to be different from other rice pudding, it is important whether the ingredients to be put in it are according to the diet. You can use brown rice for diet rice pudding and you can choose the skim milk you will use. While white rice is recommended for easy digestion, if you want to have a fiber-heavy diet, your preference should be brown.


1 medium portion (250 g) rice pudding 266 kcal
1 quarter cup (75 g) rice pudding 80 kcal
1 tablespoon (30 g) rice pudding 32 kcal
1 teaspoon (20 g) rice pudding 21 kcal

You can consume diet rice pudding either for breakfast or right after sports. This dessert, which has a high protein value, will give you back the vitamins and minerals you lost in sports.

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