Does sit-ups melt your belly button? How many sit-ups does the belly melt in a day? sit-up exercises at home

The first effective exercise that comes to mind when it comes to belly fat is undoubtedly sit-ups. You can find out what the types of sit-up exercise, which is a little difficult to do, are and how many calories they burn in the details of the news. Sit-up movement for belly melting…

The most important key to achieving a fit body and healthy appearance is regular exercise. It is important to maintain a fit appearance, which can be improved with a healthy diet and regular exercise, at least as much as obtaining it. One of the most common complaints about regional weight loss is the belly and its surroundings. Because melting fat accumulated in the belly area is one of the most difficult places to burn compared to other regions. One of the most effective exercises recommended to be done among belly melting movements is sit-ups. It is known that the sit-up movement, which stands out as one of the one-to-one movements for melting belly in our daily life, helps in burning belly fat. So how true is that? Does sit-ups melt your belly button?

  • If an individual weighing 70 kg does 50 sit-ups in 10 minutes It burns 90 calories.
  • An individual weighing 74 kilograms can also apply the same procedure. It burns 99 calories.
  • For an individual weighing 88 kg, doing 50 sit-ups in 10 minutes They burn 117 calories.
  • You can melt belly fat by doing sit-ups for 10 – 20 minutes regularly, in the morning and evening, during the day.


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Each exercise movement applied on the body is effective in burning a certain amount of calories. In the sit-up movement that you can apply to transform the fat just below the belly into muscle, your belly muscles will turn into a diamond-shaped belly after a certain interval. It is provided by lying down in order to tighten and strengthen the existing muscles. However, it should not be forgotten that just doing sit-ups is not enough for belly melting.

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Because while the abdominal muscles under the belly fat are strengthened, the fat tissue above is not affected. In order to melt the belly, cardio exercises that take over the whole body are more recommended than sit-ups. First, cardio exercises and then sit-ups help burn belly fat.


Start by warming up before doing the sit-ups. You should not forget that you should always consume water while doing sit-ups. At first, you should keep the set small and increase the number of sets as your body gets used to it. We can list the types of shuttles as follows:

Side shuttle:While the feet are on the ground, take the hands behind the head in turn and make right-left turns.

half turn shuttle: While pulling himself up, his body should be moved to the right in one take-off and to the left in the other take-off.

Cross leg sit-ups: Feet in the air, legs are placed as if standing on top of each other. You have to pull both yourself up and the legs towards you.

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