Does walking make you lose weight faster?

Is it more effective to ‘run’ or ‘walk’ during sports exercises? Which one do you choose, will you make the right decision? According to the results of research by experts, “Does running make you weak or walking?” The answer to the question is here…

If you want to lose your weight and have decided to do sports for this, we have discussed one of the confusing issues about exercise. Based on scientific research that proves whether walking or jogging is more effective while doing sports, we have compiled recommendations for you to help you lose weight. There are some factors that affect calorie burning. These are things like your weight, speed, range of distances you run. Not all of these factors are equally effective in burning calories. For example, it would be more beneficial to increase the distance or the incline rather than increasing the weight.

Walking at a normal level causes you to expend less energy than jogging at the same value. However, the dynamics between running and walking are different from each other.

Since both your feet will be off the ground during running, it will also increase the impact and loads on the joints. During walking, this load increase is much less.

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In addition, there are of course those who argue that fast walking is more effective when comparing running and walking. When you walk quickly, there is no difference between the amount of kcal you will burn and running. If you have time, you can catch the calorie rate in running by walking quickly. However, if a comparison is necessary, it may be more effective as your body will have more strain in running and the load on the lungs, heart and muscles will increase more.

In order not to force the joints for excess weight march, to keep your form the runyou can choose.

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