Effective slimming method with linden from Saraçoğlu! How to make linden tea? On an empty stomach…

The linden plant, which is used in the treatment of diseases such as flu and colds, also facilitates weakening by providing a detox effect. We have announced the slimming formula with linden, which accelerates the weight loss process by supporting fat burning! How to make linden tea? What is the recipe for weight loss linden tea from Saraçoğlu? Does linden tea weaken? How to lose weight with linden tea? Does drinking linden tea on an empty stomach weaken? The linden method that makes you lose weight…

Due to the heat change that occurs during the transition from Autumn to Winter, many people suffer from infectious diseases such as flu, cold and flu. Herbal mixtures, which can be consumed by people who do not like to take drugs, to speed up the healing process, are recommended by doctors as medicine, as they will be very useful in this sense. In herbal teas where herbal teas such as chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary, apple, fennel, thyme, rosehip and sage are sold, these mixtures, which are a panacea, are both a source of healing and a source of appetite when used correctly. It helps to lose weight by cutting. In particular, linden, which has a breathing feature, provides a great relief in the throat by softening the hardened bronchi. The linden plant, which is effective in preventing irritation in the respiratory tract, is the greatest miracle of people with chronic allergies! Linden, which is a source of healing from head to toe in terms of health, can of course also be consumed by those who want to lose their weight. Among the dozens of products released among the weakening teas, those who want to preserve their form in completely natural ways can easily consume linden tea with a brew suitable for diet and health. We have compiled a slimming formula with linden tea, which you can choose for your metabolism to work quickly and effectively. Naturally weakening: The use of linden tea…

Does linden tea weaken? EFFECT OF LIME TEA ON WEAKNESS

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Results among various methods used by overweight women to lose weight The most effective thing taken is the preferred diet types suitable for the body without harming its health. Among the alternative weight loss methods, linden tea is one of the miracle mixtures that greatly affects your weight loss in permanent and healthy ways. Linden, which regulates the digestion by exposing the toxins in the body, prepares the ground for fat burning with toxin removal. Linden, which causes heat loss in the body and causes weight loss through sweating, helps to protect health while providing relaxation of the skin.

Linden, which grows on a tree with a height of approximately 25 m, is collected by hand in June and July , dried and used by various methods.

HOW CAN LIME LOSE WEIGHT? Slimming Formula with Linden Tea

Undoubtedly, linden is one of the miracle plants that should not be missed in the kitchens for both health and weight loss. Correct consumption is very important for slimming with Ihlamur, which is protective against winter diseases and also supports fat burning. Herbal tea, which creates a full detox effect when consumed on an empty stomach or between meals after waking up in the morning, contributes to the removal of excess weight by removing toxins from the body because it has diaphoretic properties. If it tastes bitter and you cannot drink it without sugar, you can add a very small amount of sugar to the tea you brew. However, we still do not recommend the use of sugar in the diet.

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While ready-made linden herbal teas sold in markets show their effect 1 times, lindens in the form of flowers purchased from herbalists are 2 times stronger and more effective. There is no definite time frame for consuming herbal tea in the slimming formula with linden tea. However, in order to get a fast and effective result, it is considered appropriate to consume 1 glass before a meal. It is also very important that you continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.


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5 grams Goldengrass

10 Rosehips

10 grams Linden

1 liter of water


Put the rosehip and linden drawn with a knife into the water and boil for 5 minutes. Then add 5 grams of Goldwort and boil for another 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes are over, take the tea from the stove and strain it well. Divide into 3 portions to drink 3 times a day.

NOTE: It is recommended to consume 1 bowl of strawberry, raspberry or raspberry 2 times 1 hour after consuming the tea.

HOW TO brew linden tea to lose weight? PREPARING LIME TEA AT HOME

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Linden You can find the herb as a fresh herb in herbalists or you can buy it in the form of ready-made tea bags from the markets. A tea bag or a teaspoon of fresh linden is placed in a glass of boiling water. After brewing for an average of 20 minutes, the tea is filtered and some honey is added to it. It is known that 1 glass of linden tea equals 15 kcal.

NOTE: If you consume linden tea alone, you cannot lose weight, but when consumed with a diet program, it will make you lose weight. Do not apply without the approval of the doctor.



3 slices of lemon

3 pinches of linden

3 glasses of hot water


Teapot Put the linden leaves in the teapot. Add the sliced ​​lemons and pour hot water over them. Infuse the ready linden tea for 5 minutes. After brewing, pour it into the cup and enjoy it…

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Not only in linden tea, but also in other teas that are brewed and kept, then consumption is not healthy at all. For this, it would be better to brew it in hot water instead of boiling it. The useful vitamins and minerals in the linden tea, which is kept for 1-2 hours, will be lost and toxic properties will occur.


Although linden tea, which is brewed for a long time, is attractive with its smell and color, the beneficial nutritional values ​​in it disappear. Infuse the linden, which gradually disappears during boiling, for a maximum of 7-8 minutes. When the brewed linden is about to end, do not add water to it and drink the same linden tea again and again, with the thought of being able to use it again.

To remove the dust of the linden you will get from the herbalist because it is healthier, squeeze it well and put it in a strainer or wash it off to remove the dust.

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You can see the weakening effect with linden, which you will allow to pass into your body not only by drinking it orally but also through the skin. Put 100 grams of linden in half a liter of boiling water and keep it covered for 2 hours. The mixture is poured into the tub where hot water will be placed and it is applied 2-3 times a week for half an hour.

NOTE: If you want to benefit from the weakening effect of linden , we recommend that you consume it as a beverage , not as a bath. Otherwise, you will be wasting in the linden bath and you will have brought blessings into the bath. Therefore, it would be more correct to drink linden herbal tea…

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