Elif Özarar, Life and Nutrition Coach, is a source of hope for overweight women

Although she is a 33-year-old mother of two, Elif Özarar, who will weigh almost 100 kilograms, entered a strict regime with the support of her husband, Mete Özarar.

Özarar, a Life and Nutrition Coach, explains the weight loss process as follows : “I was a thin woman in general, but I gained 41 kg in both pregnancies after the age of 30 and due to the births. Right here, personal development has made a great contribution to my own body. First of all, I changed my eating habits. I cut out a lot of foods that I used to eat before. It will be very classic, but I’m talking about white, especially the processed ones. Then I introduced superfoods that I had never tasted before into my life. Reaching the target weight from really high weight is a success, it gives a person maximum self-confidence. But it is a long-term process, so he can best understand the change in the human body with his old clothes. I still keep 1 of my pants, even in my closet, it is in the first place I see it every time I open it. In the end, I succeeded and it’s over, I must not forget what I went through and I don’t want to go back to the beginning. now I have a new goal to protect the body that I am present and want to be.” said


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Life and nutrition coach Elif Özarar said, “Actually, the sector is always busy. After all, the food and beverage industry is the social space of people. And with the perception of beauty imposed on social media, the industry is really busy. However, we are not aware of our habits in our routine lives. In March last year, there was a trend of making bread, pita, lahmacun at home. Imagine if it was a first in our lives, the restaurant you always go to eat or order is closed. It may sound strange, but it even sounded enjoyable to people at first. But the seriousness of the process has unfortunately left its place to an eating disorder.” said


Elif Özarar listed her priorities in the slimming process: “I have a multiple priority order. Motivation-Nutrition-Water consumption-Exercise. The decision to lose weight should be a very personal decision, never imposed. I would say motivation is key. But motivation doesn’t mean being positive. It is a motive and means being ready to do something. So first we have to be ready, after all, we have a long way to go. It is necessary to move away from the perception of dieting and move to a sustainable healthy eating model. It is very important to be able to say that I am eating healthy from now on. Water consumption comes next for me. Unfortunately, we have problems in consuming water in general, but Water is the substance that cleans our body the best. Sometimes the processes can be challenging and you should not give up easily. The best thing to do in such situations is to communicate. We can establish this communication with our spouse, dietitian, life coach or best friend and we can talk about why we want to give up. If we do not have enough reasons, we should continue on the road, the goal is not only to lose weight, but also to our health.” he spoke

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