Expert Dietitian Sena Karahan answered the curious questions

Dietician Sena Karahan answered readers’ questions about healthy weight loss, weight gain during pregnancy and many more.

Most of us have been on a diet at some point in our lives. He tried the programs we heard about to lose weight quickly, maybe he lost weight, but then he gained more. Most of the time, you can follow the wrong diets with the desire to lose weight fast. Or you may feel like you are not losing weight fast enough despite sticking to the diet. No matter how healthy you eat or how often you exercise, many people make the same diet mistakes. At this point, our expert Dietician Sena Karahan comes to your rescue.

Ms. Sena, hello, I want some advice from you. How can I lose weight?

Hello, it is not possible to answer this question without getting to know you and evaluating you. First of all, it is necessary to find the reasons that cause the weight problem and solve it. If you have been overweight for a long time and you have been on a diet and did not get results , you can get support from an internist and dietitian.

►Hello Sena, should we only eat the white part of the egg …?

Hello, Egg is a quality protein source in its entirety, together with its yolk and white. However, it is important to remember that egg yolk contains a high amount of cholesterol. If you do not have any disease, you can consume a whole egg daily. While cooking, be careful that the yellow part does not turn green and cook it in the pan without burning it.

Ms. Sena, my question is I am 50 years old, 55cm tall and 75kg. My diseases are fmf , rheumatism, goiter, how can I lose weight ? I would be glad if you help. Thank you.


Currently, your body mass index is at the limit of 1st degree obesity , it is very important for your general health to lose weight.

Creating a special nutrition plan for you will both alleviate the symptoms of your diseases and allow you to lose weight. For this reason, please stay away from shock diets.

FMF, rheumatism , goiter, all three of which are inflammation and immune system-based diseases, that is, focusing only on weight loss in your diet is not a healthy approach and does not provide benefits.

In such complex situations, it is necessary to see your blood tests and you, and to create a detailed diet plan.

However, I will make a few suggestions to help you, it will be useful to pay attention to them.

Gluten in autoimmune diseases  If there is such a situation, it would be appropriate to plan a gluten-free diet.

As a primary goal, remove packaged, ready-made, sugar-added foods from your diet.

Instead of wheat, rye, oats, bulgur, choose legumes, rice and starchy vegetables.

Choose foods rich in adequate amounts of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system .

Have your vitamin D level checked, take supplements if there is a deficiency .

Include green leafy vegetables at breakfast and as a salad in your meals.

If your goiter causes insufficient hormone secretion, follow up and arrange your treatment with your doctor.

Hello, I’m 185height 85kg. Do I have a healthy body?


It is not possible to make a health assessment with only height and weight. Your body mass index is at the limit of 24.8, take care to keep your weight under control.


Hello my teacher Sena, I consume a lot of meat, will it pose a problem for my health?

Hello, from animal sources , protein and cholesterol  are rich foods. Long-term and continuous excessive consumption can cause health problems. In addition, we know that meat can cause cancer diseases depending on the cooking method. Consume barbecue and roast type meats that come into close contact with fire as little as possible. Include plenty of greens and vegetables with your meat meal.

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