Fast and effective fat burning foods! What should be consumed to burn fat?

Although one of the most important steps to lose weight is sports, unfortunately it can be insufficient on its own. We have brought together fat burning foods that you can add to your list on your diet days that you can support with a healthy nutrition program. Foods that are effective in burning fat…

If you want to have a slim and perfect physique, you should first know that sports or diet alone will not work. Dietitians, who make important calls to people who want to lose weight, underline that healthy nutrition and sports exercises should be carried out in a balanced way. Exercising regularly, albeit a little, will support a healthy diet and provide an opportunity to lose weight more easily. For a healthy nutrition program, those with more fat-burning properties than other foods should be preferred. So, which foods are high in fat burning in a healthy diet? Fat burning foods that facilitate the weight loss process…

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Pineapple FRUIT:

Pineapple, which has a very high energy effect, is also effective in terms of health with its vitamin C content. Pineapple, which facilitates faster metabolism; You can consume up to 2 slices for breakfast, snack or dinner.


Especially when it is mixed with yogurt, it is effective in burning the fat around the belly. To prepare this, add 10 almonds, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, some ginger and a small amount of turmeric. (A little cinnamon if you like it, add hot pepper if you don’t like it.) You can consume it with peace of mind as a snack. Almonds help build muscles that increase metabolic rate.


You can consume 2-3 spoons in your snacks a day. You can use powdered probiotics in cases such as constipation and diarrhea.

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Ginger, which you can use as a powder in yogurt or directly in meals, is a food that both keeps you full and burns fat. You can add ginger, which you can add to herbal teas, while drinking green tea. This will speed up your metabolism and burn fat more easily.


You should definitely consume green apple, which has a much more fat-burning effect than red apples, for hair, skin, and weight balance. It is also a very useful fruit for the liver.


Green tea affects metabolism thanks to the catechin it contains. By increasing fat oxidation, it allows more calories to be burned.


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Coconut oil contains chain triglycerides, which are used as energy rather than stored fat in the body. Therefore, it has a fat burning effect.

Lean Meat:

Lean meats have a thermogenic effect. This way they burn more calories. Especially white meats such as chicken breast are more effective in burning fat.


Capsaicin, found in hot peppers, oxidizes fat and thins the waist and circumference.


Resistant starch in bananas is converted into fatty acids by bacteria in the intestines and prevents obesity by burning fat.

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