Finger exercises that slim like a pencil! How to have thin long hands? Hand reduction…

Thin and long fingers, which have a special importance especially for people of marriageable age, are a condition that everyone who cares about their beauty wants to have. If thick and chubby fingers have formed for some reason, it is recommended to go to the doctor for this, but you can always achieve effective thinning with hand and finger exercises in this way due to its structure. How to have thin and long fingers? What is the hand reduction method? Do thick fingers get thinner? Finger exercises that thin like a pencil…

When ‘woman’ is mentioned, the most naive and beautiful thing to evoke with its physical appearance is like a pencil. Having slender and long fingers. The point that women who care about their beauty and care the most about their own bodies are thick and chubby fingers and big hands. The physical appearance of women, who are more elegant and delicate than men’s nature, is very important to them. However, if some conditions such as swelling (edema), injury, inflammation occur in the hands due to some reasons, the underlying factor must be found. If there is swelling in the hands and fingers due to the disease, you should go to the doctor. You may want to lose weight by attributing the cause of chubby fingers to some excess weight in your body. We have brought together finger exercises that will make it easier for you to have pen-like thin and long fingers without losing weight. If you complain about the size of your hands, which are always in sight, you can also apply hand reduction exercises. Hand reduction methods with easy finger exercises you can do at home…


1. Ball Squeezing EXERCISE

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Ball squeezing exercise, which is one of the most popular movements among finger thinning exercises, should be practiced for half an hour daily. type of exercise. To do this ball squeezing exercise that helps to shrink both your fingers and hands, take the ball in your hand and squeeze it tightly. More than half an hour can lead to muscle strain .


For an aesthetic appearance of hands and fingers, first clenched your fist and then open it forward in full position. Perform an average of 6 reps in this exercise, which you can do with both hands at the same time.


Make circles by bending relaxed and released hands from the wrist, moving them in the air to the certain side and then in the opposite direction. Finish the move by circling the left and right 10 times.


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1- With your fingertips, push the palm of your other hand as far as possible. 2- Open and stretch your fingers as far as possible. 3- Keep your fingers tense for a while. Press each finger firmly against your thumb, one at a time. When you want to relax your muscles, let your wrists relax and shake them slightly. 4- With your hands parallel to the flat ground, raise and lower each of your fingers one by one. 5- Join both hands on fingertips and press firmly. Then repeat this movement several times.


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Instead of choosing foods with high calorie value and sodium, take care to eat foods that are high in potassium. Antioxidants help prevent inflammation that can cause fingers to swell.

Antioxidant-containing foods such as blueberry, cherry, tomato and zucchini should be consumed at this stage. Potassium can be consumed in leafy plants (spinach and kale – including bananas, avocados, zucchini and white potatoes) .

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