Fresh dates or dried dates for weight loss? Weight loss with dates

Date, which makes it extremely easy to lose weight with its abundant fiber structure, is both low-calorie and satiating. We have compiled for you how you can lose weight with dates, which are also beneficial for health. So what are the tricks of dieting with dates? How to make a weight loss palm diet? Here is the incredible weakening effect of dates…

Dates, which are mentioned in many suras in the Qur’an, are an extremely beneficial fruit for human health. Date, which is like a medicine for various ailments such as relieving birth pains and preventing constipation, is very effective not only in terms of health but also in weight loss. Apart from the date and yogurt diet, which are among the most famous of the slimming cures, it has incredible benefits even when consumed alone. Plenty of fiber in it is protective against cancer and accelerating metabolism by activating the intestines. So how to lose weight by eating dates? Here is the answer…


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Eating three dates one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner It is known that it cuts, does not make you feel hungry all day long and accelerates bowel movements. Dates, which are a rich source of fiber, are also known to facilitate digestion by helping the metabolism work faster during the day.


İpek Tuzcuoğlu, who has attracted attention with her recent weight loss, He lost 6 kilos in a short time. Explaining that he stays away from consuming non-organic foods, Tuzcuoğlu explained that he eats half a kilo of dates a day and drinks plenty of water.

The famous actress, who prefers to stay fresh by sleeping for nine hours and nine minutes every day, stated that she was weighed regularly with the warning of her friends.


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Dates, which are grown in Arabia and are indispensable for our Ramadan tables, contain iron. Thanks to its mineral and potassium, metabolic rate increases. 100 grams of fresh dates, which consist of abundant fibrous structure, have a value of approximately 65 kcal. The calories of fresh dates are half less than dried dates. If you want to lose weight with dates, you should prefer the wet ones. If you eat 4 dates 40 minutes before your meals, your appetite will be noticeably reduced.

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21 daily Eating dates and eating fat-free yogurt at meal times will make it easier for you to lose weight. It is recommended to consume plenty of fluids, except for dates and yogurt. In this way, you can lose 5 kilos in 1 week.

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