From Nilay Keçeci: Do not allow obesity in five items!

With its increasing prevalence, obesity is now the disease of our age from 7 to 70. When insufficient physical activity is added to wrong and excessive eating habits, the incidence of obesity is increasing and the health problems caused by obesity are knocking on the door over time. Before the 22 May European Obesity Day, Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci Arpacı talked about what needs to be done to “stop obesity”.

In order to prevent obesity, healthy eating and regular exercise rules should be made a lifestyle. Before the 22 May European Obesity Day, Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci Arpacı talked about what needs to be done to “stop obesity”.

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While technology creates important innovations in the field of health; On the other hand, it is a feature that paves the way for the formation of an obese generation. With the technology that enters every aspect of our lives and provides convenience, the nutrition culture has also changed and a sedentary lifestyle has begun to be adopted. No matter how wrong it is, eating in front of the television and computer has become a new culture. With the increase in sedentary hours spent in front of the television and computer, the number of obese individuals has increased. Because with the behavior of eating in front of the TV and computer, the person is not conscious of how much he or she eats. It eats quickly and feels fuller later. More often and more. This creates constant eating problems. Fast food orders, which are easily ordered through food applications, which are the latest trends in technology, also support the increase in technological obesity. Do not eat while working at the computer or in front of the TV, and get up and move at regular intervals. You should instill this behavior in your children as well. If you want your child not to have this unhealthy habit in the future; You should give up the habit of making your children watch something while feeding them.

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In order to prevent obesity, you should pay attention to the portion size and variety of meals as well as the number of meals. By creating your own healthy plate, you can achieve the ideal balance in nutrition. For this, the first step should be to diversify the portions with different vegetables. Include frequent protein sources such as meat, fish and legumes. Consume whole grains. Limit products such as bread, potatoes and rice on your plate. As the area occupied by foods such as vegetables, legumes and fish on your plate increases; salt, saturated fat, sugar and sugary products should be reduced. Instead of drinking juice, eat the fruit itself. Include milk and dairy products every day within portion control. You don’t need to stay away from your favorite foods all the time to avoid obesity and be healthy. If you can consume these foods in controlled amounts and less frequently, it is not a problem.


Another step that is as important as a healthy and balanced diet in the prevention of obesity is an active life. This lifestyle in which physical activity is less and irregular; In other words, the sedentary lifestyle is unfortunately increasing nowadays. This sedentary lifestyle and the increase in the number of sedentary individuals play a very important role in the formation and progression of obesity. With a sedentary life, the body’s metabolic rate slows down, fat burning decreases, the body’s blood sugar and blood pressure regulation balance is disturbed. For this, it is necessary to reduce the period of inactivity during the day. Moving also helps you maintain your weight balance and reduces the negative load on your health. So, what can be done to move more in daily life? Get up and move around every 30 minutes while you work. Take walks during your lunch break. Always use the stairs instead of the elevator. Stand instead of sitting on public transport. If the distance is close, choose to walk or get off one stop earlier to create a space for yourself. If you are driving, pack your car a little further from your destination and walk.

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For a healthy and fast metabolism, it is necessary to provide the body’s ideal fluid requirement. For this, 2 or 2 and a half liters of water should be drunk every day. Drinking water is also important in managing the daily calorie intake process. In a healthy and balanced diet, sugar should be reduced from what we eat as well as from what we drink. Water is the calorie-free and healthiest alternative. In order to prevent obesity, it is necessary to change the fluid consumption habits. You can take the first step in this regard by avoiding high calorie intake in liquid consumption. Carbonated and sugary drinks increase the daily calorie intake and cause an increase in body fat. Especially reducing daily water consumption and preferring high-calorie drinks instead of water cause weight gain. For this reason, all hot and cold beverages containing fizzy, sugary, creamy or syrupy should be avoided. To increase water consumption, you can carry a water bottle with you and use applications that remind you to drink water. You can flavor your water by adding foods such as cinnamon, lemon, cucumber, and mint.


Insufficient sleep can have many negative effects on the body. The hormone leptin has a task that sends the saturation signal to the body. In people who sleep poorly, the level of leptin hormone decreases and this signal does not occur. On the contrary, cortisol hormone level rises and your appetite increases. In short, little and insufficient sleep leads to negative changes in eating habits by disrupting some hormonal balances and accelerates the process leading to obesity. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a sleeping pattern and to be asleep, especially between 23.00 and 03.00. Being up at night when you should be asleep is one of the most important causes of nighttime gluttony and therefore obesity. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day. A quality sleep of 7-8 hours, including the 23.00-03.00 interval, is an important factor in weight control.

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