Healthy Life and Nutrition Coach Elif Özarar: The perception that ‘weakness is beauty’ is very wrong

Known as one of the prominent names in weight loss, Healthy Life and Nutrition Coach Elif Özarar gave important tips to those who want to lose their excess weight to make this process easier.

Healthy Life and Nutrition Coach Elif Özarar gave golden recommendations for easy and fast weight loss by making her nutrition healthy. ‘ What is healthy weight loss?’In response to the question, Özarar said: “One thing that makes people want quick results is being thin. But there is no quick way to do this. Every individual who resorts to weight loss products, starves himself all day, and does not get enough food may face serious health problems rather than weight problems.

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This is where healthy weight loss comes into play. It is very important that a personalized diet program is a process where the person gets enough nutrients and has a variety of nutrients. The biggest mistake made is to use diet lists written for someone else. Every person’s daily calorie needs are different from each other. This need is not determined only by our physiological characteristics. Our mobility during the day, our sports or activity habits are also a very important determining factor. The nutritional values ​​needed by an individual who does sports regularly are very different from those who do not do sports.”


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Noting that one of the keys to a healthy diet is fluid consumption, Özarar said, “The amount of daily water consumption is very important. 2.5 liters per day of an adult individual. Consuming water is very valuable for health. Water is generally not drunk in Turkish society. The biggest problem of our clients is not being able to drink water, and we generally recommend that they set an alarm every 45 minutes during the day and drink a glass of water to gain this habit.”said


‘To be beautiful is to be weak, or weakness is beautiful, the perception is very wrong’Özarar, who argued that “Our goal should be our health first. Considering the damage caused by excess weight in the body and for this reason, we should start losing weight in the first place. The perception of “weakness is beauty”, which is obsessed and unfortunately even imposed, seriously wears out individuals psychologically. This situation leads to not getting results from the process and even to obesity, which has become a more serious problem. However, it also brings with it problems such as detachment from the social environment, loneliness and being unhappy. We must keep our own physical and mental health under control at the same time. You may not be able to find enough strength to start losing weight; but you have many reasons to make your life a little better and eat healthy. Eating well is a sign of self-respect.”he spoke

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