How is fat converted into muscle? Ways to turn body fat into muscle

There are certain conditions, such as proper nutrition and regular exercise, in order for the excess fat to be melted and turned into muscle. What you need to know about muscle formation in order to melt fat easily and quickly is in the details of the news…

We see that people who care about their physical appearance make an effort to melt the accumulated fat with the extra calories they take as a result of their little getaways. Those who want to stay fit and slim body can go to practice various exercises to turn their fat into muscle, or change their nutrition program to prefer fat-burning foods. However, while there are many points that are known to be true but wrong about this subject… So can fat really turn into muscle?


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When you eat healthy and exercise in a working body mechanism, fat burning begins to function actively. In addition, when the construction of the muscles begins and progresses at the same time, “fat turned into muscle” a perception arises. In the weight loss process, which starts when more calories are consumed than the calories taken during the day, if proper protein intake is ensured and a healthy diet is provided, loss of weight does not occur and can be weakened.

If nutrition is provided with a very low calorie and insufficient protein intake, muscle loss is seen. Even if protein consumption is sufficient, if carbohydrates are taken very little, the body converts the protein taken into carbohydrates. In order to avoid such losses, calorie should not be kept too low and protein should be taken between 0.8-1 gram per kilo.

If enough protein is taken by doing sports in addition to a healthy and balanced diet program, fat can be melted without muscle loss.


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It is essential for muscle building to be able to resist any force and force accordingly. Therefore, lifting weights and regular weight training is a very effective method.

-Pilates, squats, push-upsThe application of sports exercises such as

-You can strengthen the muscle fibers with the right nutrition and sports movements.

As the muscle mass ratio in the body increases, body fat is burned faster and easier. Muscles need oxygen to stay in the body. With the intake of oxygen, the oils are burned as oxidized. Seen this way “Fat turns into muscle”such misperceptions.

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