How many calories does Boza gain weight? It can poison the boza, beware of this mistake!

Boza is the indispensable drink of winter months from past to present. Boza, which is sold on the streets, started to be consumed more as the winter cold made itself felt. Experts warn that grizzly can become poisonous if not properly stored and consumed in excess. So, what should be considered while drinking boza? Here are all the facts about boza…

Boza is one of the oldest Turkish drinks and the history of this tradition, which has been going on for thousands of years, goes back to Mesopotamia. Boza, one of the favorite flavors of winter, especially supports the strengthening of the digestive and immune systems. With its nutritional value, it is a traditional drink that both has the feature of keeping you full and provides energy to the body. You need to be careful when consuming boza, which is popular in our country and has sellers on every corner. According to the researches, when not paying attention to boza, it causes poisoning. It can also cause weight gain. Here’s what you need to know about the boza…

Dr. Ayça Kaya made some statements about the boza and roasted chickpeas duo. Kaya said that those with weight problems should stay away from these two. “When consumed in moderation, boza makes the intestines work, but keep in mind that a glass is 400 calories.”said.

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Can you drink boza on a diet?


Boza, in a cool environment; It can be stored preferably in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. Attention should be paid to the fact that food poisoning may occur as a result of the consumption of boza, which has been waiting for more than 3-5 days.


Internal Medicine and Obesity-Metabolism Diseases Specialist Dr. Ayca Kaya, “Generally, boza made from millet semolina, sugar and water has a very high calorie content. There are 350-400 calories in a glass of boza, and let’s not forget that the roasted chickpeas eaten with it increases our calories even more.”said.

Dr. Ayca Kaya, “The fact that boza is high in calories, of course, does not mean that there are no benefits of boza. It has a digestive effect thanks to the lactic acid fermentation that occurs during fermentation of corn, oat, wheat or rice with sugar and water. Thanks to the bacteria formed during fermentation, it is a rich source of probiotics, thus helping to regulate digestion.”he said.

Be careful when consuming boza


Dr. Ayça Kaya made the following suggestions:

“Thanks to its high energy content, it is recommended for mothers who are breastfeeding to increase their milk, to increase the appetite of people who want to gain weight, and to provide necessary vitamin and mineral support to athletes. Also, thanks to its probiotic content, it helps prevent diseases during seasonal transitions. For those who say I want to lose weight and drink boza “I recommend a cup of tea for tasting. But I also say don’t eat the roasted chickpeas. So I think you don’t need to take calories with the roasted chickpeas.”


Boza, which has a high nutritional value; It contains minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, and vitamins such as vitamin B1 and B2. Thanks to active yeast, it has positive effects on the digestive system; that is, boza has a probiotic effect. The lactic acid formed during fermentation is also very important for the digestive system.

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does it make you gain weight


Grizzly bear; Due to its rich carbohydrate, protein and vitamin B content, it is a good source of energy for children, young people in the developmental period, pregnant women, lactating women, athletes and those who want to gain weight. It is recommended that people who are overweight should not exceed 1 tea glass when consuming boza and consume it instead of a snack.


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How many calories in 1 glass of boza


Brown bear storage conditions are really important, you should store it in a cold environment, namely in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it is perishable, and it is also a suitable time to store it in the refrigerator for an average of 23 days.

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