How many calories in a cigar, does it make you gain weight? Tips for frying spring rolls

If you are thinking about what to do for breakfast, if you think of making a spring roll in order to make a difference, you may be deprived of your favorite flavor just for fear of gaining weight. However, this also has a solution; wrapping a diet-friendly spring roll! What are the suggestions to reduce the calories of the cigarette pastry, which is a finger-licking flavor? How to make diet roll pie recipe? Tips for frying cigars

One of the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine, cigarette borek is one of the delicious snacks that we usually encounter at rich and luxurious breakfast tables. When there is a place for cigars on the tables where all kinds of breakfast foods are available, people cannot stop themselves from eating. It is a matter of curiosity whether these pastries, which have many varieties such as cheese, potatoes, plain and bechamel sauce mushrooms, make weight or not. Although it is a bit difficult to wrap the pastry, it is an indispensable snack despite its excellent taste. So, how many calories are in cigarette fritters depending on the type? Can you eat spring rolls on a diet? How to prepare spring rolls in accordance with the diet?

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Since it is prepared by frying in oil, only 100 grams of high-calorie cigarette fritters are equivalent to 360 kcal, which is approximately equivalent to 4 pastries. While women with weight problems should stay away from cigarette pastries prepared according to normal recipes, they can eat with a diet recipe.


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3 phyllo dough
250 grams of light white cheese
Half a bunch of parsley
1 egg


Cut each phyllo into 16 pieces and mash the white cheese with a fork on the edge. Blend the finely chopped parsley with cheese, add eggs to the mixture and mix again. Put half a spoon of the mixture between the phyllo dough you have formed into a triangle and roll it quickly like a cigarette. After the yufkas are finished, place them on the baking tray, apply a little oil with the help of a brush and fry them.

Bon appetit…


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In this pastry, which you will make from only 1 piece of pastry, the average is 200 kcal. While the spring rolls, which are fried as usual, are prepared in plenty of oil, those on a diet should use the oven cooking method. Make sure that there is no oil or salt in the cheese you add. The dill, which you can add to add flavor, will help with digestive problems while suppressing appetite. By keeping you full, it helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.

To accelerate metabolism and burn calories more easily, you can add chili peppers and prevent excess weight gain.


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Nutritional values ​​and calories:

100 grams of spring roll 38.64 grams of carbohydrates,

100 grams of spring rolls 10.62 grams of protein

100 grams of spring rolls contain 17.01 grams of fat.

60 grams of spring rolls: 187 kcal

20 grams of spring rolls with cheese: 62 kcal

100 grams of spring rolls in the oven are worth 229 kcal.

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